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Titanic Hanson


For some reason I was white water rafting with the Hanson family and Jason (their bodyguard). After a while, me and Zac fell out of the raft. They totally ditched us and wouldn't come back! So we floated there for a while. And slowly Zac started to turn into Leonardo Dicaprio. We went through that whole "I love you" thing Jack and Rose do at the end of Titanic. Then I was floating on a piece of wood and Zac/Leo was dead. Then a boat came from out of nowhere so I blew a whistle and they came over to me. They put me in the boat and asked my name. I said "Ashley. Ashley Hanson." Then my damn alarm went off.

Kissy Kissy


Ok. I really like Taylor and Zac. Here's my dream: I was with my best friend and her sister. We were walking into our favorite store, Celebration, where they sell candles, incense, etc. There was a door to the bathroom and for some reason we went inside. I looked in the mirror and saw a goat's head and screamed. Then the lights went off and someone touched my shoulder. I screamed again and then Taylor said, "Don't scream, I'm with you in your dreams." (I think that's really weird since it was a dream) The lights came back on and we saw another door in the bathroom. Taylor, my best friend, her sister, and I opened it and saw a long hallway. We walked down it and there was this HUGE spider on the wall. My best friend screamed and fainted cuz she has arachnophobia. Before she fell down Isaac caught her. She woke up and he's like, "Don't worry, I'll kill it". So he goes over to it, picks it up and eats it. Instead of being disgusted, my best friend smiled and kissed him. There was a light at the end of the hallway saying "Come into the light." Suddenly, we were on the other side of the light in an open field. We heard someone scream and looked over to see Zac laying on top of my best friends sister. She smiled and kissed him. Then my best friend kissed Isaac. I grabbed Taylor and kissed him. Then I ran over and grabbed Zac and started making out with him. I pulled away and Taylor flipped Zac off and all of a sudden they started singing "The Boy is Mine" except they would say "the GIRL is mine." My best friends sister couldn't stand Zac's voice for some reason and kissed him. So I kissed Taylor again while my best friend was kissing Isaac the whole time. When we all opened our eyes we were on stage at a Hanson concert. I dove out into the crowd and so did my best friend and her sister. Hanson started playing "Weird" and then everybody dropped us and we hit the floor. I stood up and started screaming. A girl in front of me turned around and said, "SHUT UP" Then she punched me and I woke up smiling.