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Scary, huh?

"Signs You're Obsessed With Hanson"

You Know You're Obsessed With Hanson When.....

~You have memorized every song off of Middle of Nowhere

~You tape every single Hanson performance, even the commercial advertising the album

~And you watch those tapes at least 20 times a day

~Your wall is no longer visible cuz it's covered with Hanson posters

~And you kiss each poster goodnight ever single night

~You buy 5 extra c.d.'s JUST in case one breaks

~Your printer broke from printing out so many pics of Hanson

~You buy every single magazine Hanson is in, even if it is only a small paragraph about them

~You talk about Hanson so much, your anti-Hanson friends are actually beginning to like them (this has happened to me)

~Your c.d. player is broken from playing MON so much

~You grow a rat tail like Taylor's

~You beg your mom for clear braces like Isaac's. Who cares if your teeth are already perfect?

~You literally eat sugar so you can be hyper like Zac

~You've officially changed your cat's name to Tay

~When you go on the internet, you only do things that involve Hanson (why does this sound familiar?)

~You turn off the radio if anything other than Hanson is on

~Everyone you see at the mall looks exactly like Ike

~You take up drums so you can be as good as Zac

~You beg your parents to quit their jobs and find new ones in Tulsa

~You record the video for Where's the Love every time you see it

~You freak out and jump up and down everytime you hear MMMBop

~You cry if you were stupid enough to miss a Hanson appearance on t.v.

~You laugh at everything they say, even if it's not funny

~You find yourself having conversations with your Hanson posters

~You run into a glass door so you can have a scar like Tay's

~You write a science fiction novel just so you and Ike have something to talk about if you ever meet him

~If someone asks if you have a boyfriend you answer with Ike, Tay or Zac

~You use the same shampoo, toothpaste, and cologne as the guys (That's past obsession)

~You run through the mall frantically looking for a Hanson poster that your brother THINKS he saw (I am guilty of this)

~You seriously ask your mom to change your name to Lucy or Madeline

~You punch anyone in the head that says Hanson sucks

~You purposely break your nose just to be like Zac

~Everytime the phone rings, you're convinced it's one of the Hanson's

~You have the Hanson Hotline # on speed dial (my mom would kill me if I did this)

~When you are alone by a tree, you do that little karate kick Taylor does in “Seventeen" then people see you and wonder what the heck is wrong with you

~Even your parents know the lyrics to all Hanson's songs

~You buy "Teen Beat" and "Bop" even though you swore you never would years ago. Hey! Hanson is in them!

~You're afraid to open your door cuz you might rip a poster

~You hear MMMBop even though you're nowhere near a t.v. or radio

~You practice rollerblading 6 hours a day, just so you can be as good as the guys

~You stare at your posters for hours hoping that by some miracle, they will come to life

~Your new favorite colors are red, green, and blue

~Whenever you hear Taylor sing "Where's the Love" you scream "RIGHT HERE TAY!!!"

~You totally freak out whenever you see a magazine with Hanson on the cover

~The Gap is your new favorite store

~You insist your boyfriend let you call him Taylor

~You begin calling your younger brother Zac

~You collect little things from hotels and bring them to the next Hanson concert and scream as loud as you can, "I HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU ZAC!!!!"

~You dream about nothing but Hanson every single night

~While chatting, you believe every person that says they are Ike, Tay, or Zac. Who cares if your chatting with 3 guys that claim they are Tay?

~Your parents are seriously considering finding you psychiatric help because you always talk about Hanson and nothing else

~Someone asks you a question & you put an "MMM" in front of your answer (i.e. "MMMyes", "MMMno", MMMokay)

~You've changed your birthday to October 22 so you and Zac have something in common

~You look up "Hanson" in the phone book and call every single person with that last name JUST to make sure they aren't related to THE Hanson's

~You call each number again just to be sure you didn't dial the wrong number the first time

~Your teachers wonder why you put your name as "<---Your Name Here---> Hanson" on all your papers

~You send Hanson 50 e-mails a day just to make sure they notice you

~You send death threats to your local radio station demanding they play only Hanson all the time (Yikes!)

~You've named all your stuffed animals Ike, Tay, Zac, or other variations (i.e. Tay-Tay, Ikey)

~You swear off cottage cheese because Taylor hates it

~You cry yourself to sleep when you hear a rumor that Zac cut his hair

~You fall out of a plum tree & sprain your ankle on purpose cuz Ike did it (PLEASE don't really do this!)

~You have the episode of Regis & Kathie Lee on one tape, and the re-run of it on another

~You hijack every white van you see with a licensee plate from Oklahoma

~You start looking at colleges in Tulsa

~You write a 30 page letter to Webster’s on why "MMMBop" should be in the dictionary

~Suddenly, kicking pigeons is a really fun thing to do!

~You started to cry (or scream, or even faint) when you first heard the rumor that Tay kissed a girl in the vid for "Where's the Love"

~You ask one of those 8 balls if you'll ever meet Hanson, and if it say "No" you throw it against a wall

~You ask your brother to be your new best friend

~You bring your VCR on vacation with you just in case

~You have enough copies of MON for every c.d. player in your house. Plus 2 extra - 1 for your discman and 1 for the car.

~You sit outside on a dark and stormy night waiting for Hanson to come to you. (Please don't really do this)

~You go to every single lost and found in the country waiting for Hanson to pick you up

~You walk around your neighborhood in a blonde wig while singing MMMBop (and people stare and wonder what the heck is wrong with you)

**What You Sent In!!

~You have "Where's the Love" on tape and you go through the video and pause it just so you can kiss Tay -ILuvtay625

~You go to the mall and buy every single color Adidas shirt available so you can look like Tay. You even have your mom take off the Adidas symbol on the front of the maroon one so it looks more like Tay's (LOL!) -Heather

~You start singing "Where's the Love" in your sleep -Heather

~You beg your parents to have more children so you have the same amount of siblings -Heather

~You get Ike, Tay, or Zac's full name tattooed on your inner thigh -Jennifer

~Every time you see your boyfriend, you smack him and say "Why can't you look like _______(fill in Ike, Tay, or Zac)?" -Jennifer

~You dye your hair blonde and get colored contacts -Jennifer

~You accidentally call your teacher Mr./Mrs.Hanson (That could be embarrassing) -Jennifer

~You have called JCPenny's and ordered the Bridal Collection Catalogue, ya know, just in case -Kelly

~You've convinced your little sibs to change their names to Jessica, Avery, and Mackie -PhycoGirl

~You break into a sweat every time you see them -Sarah

~When your teacher asks "Where's your homework?" you reply with "I don't know, but Where's the Love?" -Angela and Brandie

~You start buying girl's versions of the guys clothing so someone will mistake you as them -PANKNIN

~You convince your school to switch you to Ike, Tay, or Zac's grade -phycoGirl

~You talk to yourself and pretend Taylor is there with you -Eleni

~Everytime you see or hear "Where's the Love" or "MMMBop" you must hit a Record button (whether on your stereo or VCR) -Katt

~You scream EVERY time you hear MMMBop or Where's the Love on the radio -Tatum

~You never call anyone, because you are convinced Hanson will call and you don't want the line to be busy (Good one!) -Tatum

~You buy a plane ticket to Tulsa, and when you get there, you camp out in front of Hanson's house for a few months -Tatum

~You re-name your cat Mama, so you can have a cat like Tay's -Tatum

~You have thrown out every single c.d., cassete, and video tape that doesn't have Hanson on it -Tatum

~Everytime you see the Pepsi with the Spice Girls in it, you scream and beat the t.v. because the Spice Girls dissed Hanson -Glitter

~When your brother says he hates Hanson, you beat him senseless with a baseball bat -Glitter

~Your mom snaps the c.d. in half 'cause she's sick of hearing it 20 times a day -Jennifer

~You constantly sing MMMBop in the shower -Jennifer

~Everytime you see your boyfriend you smack him and ask "Why can't you be like (Ike, Tay. or Zac)?" -Jennifer

~You yell at your little brother/sister when he/she sing MMMBop because you think it's a disgrace to Hanson -Jennifer

~You dye your hair blonde and get colored contacts -Jennifer

~You start calling your dog Hanson, and he actually listens to you -Heather

~You have the screen name "MMMBop" on your buddy list -Heather

~You go on vacation and have no computer, which results in you suffering from Hanson withdrawal (This happened to me many times!) -Heather

~You go to the toy store and buy 6 buckets of leggos and go home and practice building things with them -Heather

~You study your Hanson posters for hours, and when you look at them the next day, you swear they have changed -Laura

~You stare for long enough, you swear you're watching the MMMBop/Where's the Love Video, even though the t.v. is off -Lorena

~Everything other people say always sounds like Ike, Tay or Zac -Laura

~If you and your friend hear someone say something bad about Hanson, it's no surprise to your friend when that person is reported missing the next day. (Good one!) -Andrea

~If someone asks you how much longer until schools ends, you answer "In an MMMBop!" -Jen

~You start taking voice lessons, so you can be as good as Taylor -Ghesya

~You are sure you will marry your fave Hanson -Ghesya

~You think the new single will be Madeline, and that you'll play Madeline in the video -Ghesya

~You are positive that you will become a member of Hanson one day -Ghesya

~You keep pictures of Ike, Tay and Zac under your pillow, in your binders, on your wall, etc. -Catjess

~You call your ex-boyfriend, who has the internet, to see if there is anything new about Hanson (hehehe) -Dermott

~You constantly write Hanson asking them to write a song with your name in it -ACzhere

Jess & Donna
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