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More Obsession Signs!!

You Know You're Obsessed With Hanson When...

***New!! added 11/01/97***

~Your mother wonders why there is lipstick prints all over your t.v. screen

~You swear you will die if you don't get to go to a Hanson concert

~When you spot a drum with the Pearl logo on it at school, you grab it and roll it all the way home

~The first question you ask when meeting a new person is "Do you like Hanson?"

~If you accidentally rip one of your posters, you apologize to it and beg for forgiveness

~While you are taking a walk in your neighborhood, you see a cloud that looks just like the Hanson symbol, so you freak out and run down the street screaming your head off.

~When a plane goes through the cloud, messing it up, you send a rocket up and blow up the plane.

~You manage to convince your 2 friends to dress up as Ike and Zac, so the 3 of you can be Hanson for Halloween.

~By the end of the day on October 22, the whole school knows it is Zac's birthday. (Thanks to you of course!)

~You buy power ranger sheets and sleep with them instead of your brand new satin ones because Zac does it.

~You spray CKbe all over your sheets, so you can pretend Tay is in bed with you.

~When you find out that dork that sits behind in english has the middle name Taylor, you immediately demand he go out with you.

~You bring power rangers to school and play with them during class, because Zac likes them.

~When your parents ask you what you want for Christmas, you immediately reply, "Ike, Tay, and Zac."

~When your parents say that they can't give you Ike, Tay, and Zac for Christmas, you lock yourself in your room until your parents get the point.

~On Halloween, you get three pumpkins and carve them as what else? Ike, Tay and Zac's faces!

~You also get a fourth pumpkin and carve the Hanson logo in it

~You have a scrapbook of Hanson -Crista

~You sing MMMBop during your softball game -Crista

~You are in love with that guy at school who looks similar to Taylor, but who doesn't know you exist -Emily

~You suddenly seem to enjoy all those boring trips to Oklahoma you have to take every summer with your family -Emily

~You are convinced that Hanson will move in next door -Lissa

~You have stickers that say "Perfect" on your Hanson pictures -Lissa

~You go into deep depression if you go one day without hearing their voices (That would definitely happen to me!) -Lissa

***New!! Added 11/10/97***

~If a guy asks you out, you say "Get real! You're not Hanson!!"

~You wake up from your dreams screaming "Hanson! Hanson!"

~You insist on sharing a room with your two siblings

~You know so much about Hanson, you've forgotten about your own life

~Everytime your teacher asks you a question you reply with..What reply? You're too busy staring at the pics of Hanson you have in your notebook

~When your teacher asks you to give her the notebook, you threaten to blow up the school

~You answer the phone "Hanson residence"

~You wonder why people stare at you when in the middle of gym class, when you do the disco dance and start singing MMMBop

~You have forgotten what color your walls are (too many Hanson posters covering them)

~While dreaming about Hanson, you dream that Tay said he would call you. So the next day, you sit by the phone all day waiting for his call, answering every call with "Hello Taylor?" Then at the end of the day you cry yourself to sleep cuz Tay didn't call you

~When you listen to "Madeline" and Tay says "Just hold me in your arms..." you shout "Okay Tay!!" and run over to your stereo and give it a big hug

~Your whole family thinks Hanson lives in your bedroom, cuz you talk to them all the time

~You'll always love Taylor, no matter what your husband says

~You cut Tay's face out of one of your 100's of posters, and tape it to your boyfreinds face

~You adjust your posters so that Taylor is 5'7", just to be sure you can kiss him, cuz you KNOW you will be able to ...someday...

~You teach yourself how to draw the muscle men that are on the inside cover of MON

~When you find out that Tay's perfect match is a Virgo (and you are a Virgo), you totally freak out, running through your house screaming at the top of your lungs, "TAYLOR LOVES ME!!!"

~When someone asks you what your fave food is, you reply "Mom's homemade brownies. YUM YUM!"

~You tap your fingers, bite your nails, sing lyrics to Hanson songs and jump on your brother all at the same time

~You eat sugar and drink 10 cans of soda each night, so you can get hyper like Tay does at night

~You wear a baseball cap and carry a plastic sword to school everyday, and when the teacher tells you to take the hat off, you throw a huge fit and scream until your teacher says you can wear it

~Whenever you see someone brushing their hair, you walk up to them and say "<--their name here-->, who cares about your hair?"

~You start wearing 4 or 5 necklaces all the time

~You eat jelly beans until you throw up

~You are seriously in debt with your parents/friends/cousins because you keep borrowing money to buy shirts/magazines/books/singles

~You have a suicide note addressed to them hidden in your room, because you're sure that they'll come and try to talk you out of it

~Even your Hanson-obsessed friends are starting to hate you, cuz you talk about them 24/7

~No matter what, anything that anyone says, you can find a way to relate to Hanson, and you're really good at changing the subject to them!

~When you walk in your room, all you can see is Ike, Tay and Zac's faces everywhere-walls, ceiling, windows,bookshelf, bedsheet, schoolbag, etc...

~You have noticed that your MON cd has started to melt, considering how long it's been played while your looking up Hanson sites...

~You know all the songs backwards! (my friend does, she once said them to me over the phone-it was really funny, especially Man from Milwaukee!)

~You spend every minute in front of the radio, just in case they have a competition on the Top 40 (guilty!)

~You have a heart attack when you realized that Hanson wasn't the #1 cd on the internet anymore ( I did!)

~You seem to only have eyes for long-haired guys...(me and my friend are guilty of this!)

~You know any news about them 1 month before it is officially announced

~You swear that Ike/Tay/Zac was in the shopping centre checking you out...

~You wear your Hanson shirt everywhere-work, school, around the house, bed...

~When your friend comes back from a vacation in England-when Hanson was there- the first words out of your mouth are "Did you meet Hanson? (guilty!)

~You are completely dead at school because you spent the entire weekend on the net looking up sites

~You write signs of obsession to every single page that has it...

~You never listen in class because you're too busy writing I Love Hanson next to your picture of them

~Every morning, your friends tell you their Hanson dreams (yes, every morning!) because you are always with whichever one you love the most

***New!! Added 11/19/97***

~You immediately go out and buy the same yellow pants Zac wears

~When you find out scientists just found out a way to safely clone people, you make a request for Jordan Taylor Hanson -Kate (!)

~Everytime you see the pepsi commercial with the Spice Girl, you scream and beat the tv, cuz they dissed Hanson. -Toni (Gee...sounds like me!)

~You camped out in front of the mall the day before Snowed in was released, JUST to make sure you got a copy

~You have decorated your room for Christmas, and listen to "Snowed In" 24/7

***New!! Added 4/17/98***

~You spray paint the Hanson logo all over your room -kosta

~You tell your posters about your problems, and afterwards you feel better -kosta

~You refer to Hanson like you've known them your whole life -Joyce

~When you hear Hanson is gonna be in your town and you can only get tickets by wining them from the radio station you sit on the phone 24/7 until the concert, and if you dont get them you call and make death threats. -Joyce

~Every other word out of your mouth is Ike, Tay, or Zac

***New!! Added 8/10/98***

~You feed your posters because Zac needs energy, Tay needs food because heís underweight, and Isaac just needs to eat

~You starve yourself to be underweight like Tay

~You carry a framed picture of them around with you at school, even though everyone thinks it's uncool

~You write a biography on them

~Your baby sisters first word is MMMBop

~You are arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after you attempt to stab Fiona Apple with the corners of your Hanson C.D. case

~Your obsession with Tay's eyes has gotten to the point where your friends refuse to go into your room. They say they're being watched

~Your dog can now bark the whole song of MMMBop

~Your friends won't come over to your house because they are sick of "Hanson Karaoke Night"

~You send death threats to ALL Hanson Haters

~You call your little brother Zac so much, he's convinced that itís his real name

~You are determined to find Johnny

~You've started your own Hanson Religion. Come with us. We meet on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

~You go on trial for attempted murder because you attacked your little brother for changing the channel when he "I Will Come To you" video was on and Tay was singing to you

~aylor DOES finally call you, but only to tell you to stop writing him so much. Itís starting to scare him

~ou buy yellow walkie-talkies and try to contact Mrs while wearing only your underwear

~Whenever you see Zac in his leather pants, you think "I JUST WANT TO RIP THEM OFF!!!!"

~You disown your best friend because her name is Madeline

~When you call your local radio station, the D.J. recognizes you voice and says: "No, there aren't any Video Music Awards tickets left, and do want me to play 'MMMBop' or 'Where's the Love' this time?"

~One day when you just werenít thinking straight you left your MON CD on the kitchen table. When you came back your Great Dane had slobbered all over it. To this day when Rocky, the dog, here's MMMBop he kinda hides behind the couch

~You live in the UK but you have tickets to the shows in Paris, New York, and Tulsa

~You have seriously thought about your wedding day with ________(fill in Ike, Tay, or Zac)

~Your Hamster can sing Whereís the Love

Jess & Donna
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