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Our Hanson Videos

Okay here's the deal. Hanson has made 4 videos since MON came out - "MMMBop", "Where's the Love", "I Will Come To You", and "Weird". So we were thinking - wouldn't it be cool if we could use our own ideas for Hanson's videos? Well, we think it would be cool. So what do you think? Do you have an idea for a video for one or more of the remaining songs on MON? Well, if you do, email us! Email us with your Hanson video ideas for one or more of the following songs:

(Click on the link to email us your idea for the video)

~Thinking of You



~Look at You


~A Minute Without You


~With You in Your Dreams

~Man From Milwaukee

So email us with your video ideas! If you have any questions, be sure to email us.

Christmas Time :

0:00 - 0:04 Camera fades in to the band playing at a light bluish room. Zac's drums are on a platform, Taylor's keyboard is towards the right, and Ike is playing his guitar towards the left of the screen.

0:04 - 0:05 A shot of Ike playing somewhat solemnly from the front.

0:05 - 0:07 A shot of Zac playing somewhat solemnly from a bird's eye view, but not exactly. Just able to see his face.

0:07 - 0:10 A close up of Taylor singing

0:10 - 0:13 A shot of Tay playing from several feet away. Far enough to see him play his keyboard.

0:13 - 0:16 A shot of New York city when it's snowing, but from the ground's point of view. The camera spins around and around while the world above is going at hyper speed.

0:16 - 0:19 A close up of Tay singing, ending his line with looking down at his keyboard.

0:19 - 0:21 Shot of Zac from the front, still playing solemnly.

0:21 - 0:26 Close up of Ike from front, right.

0:26 - 0:33 Shot of Ike from a couple of feet. Far enough for him to be seen playing his guitar.

0:33 - 0:45 Band playing at a concert hall to thousands of people. Lots of lights.

0:45 - 0:53 C.U. of Tay at the concert singing.

0:53 - 1:00 Band playing at concert.

1:00 - 1:03 Zac beating on his drums at concert, then background fades to the blue room.

1:03 - 1:06 Ike playing at concert, background fades to the blue room.

1:06 - 1:08 Band singing at a forest.

1:08 - 1:10 Kids (younger than Hanson) appear in a mirage effect (obviously unreal) having a snowball fight in the background.

1:10 - 1:13 Close up of Zac in the snow background, ending with him looking down at the ground.

1:13 - 1:16 Individual shots of the guys smiling as the watch the kids play.

1:16 - 1:19 Kids fade out, leaving Hanson somewhat confused.

1:19 - 1:26 Clips of Tay either C.U. and farther shots.

1:26 - 1:32 Home video of a Hanson family Christmas portraying love and happiness.

1:32 - 1:33 Back to Hanson at the concert.

1:33 - 1:34 Zac beating his drums.

1:34 - 1:47 Hanson at the concert.

1:47 - 1:54 Home video X-mas footage.

1:54 - 2:01 Band playing in the blue room. Individual shots here and there.

2:01 - 2:17 A mix of: 1) band at the concert. Intense, fast zoomed shots of each guy singing at their solo parts. 2) speed shots of N.Y.C. from the ground and spinning.

2:17 - 2:30 Band playing at the concert.

2:30 - 2:37 Home video X-mas footage.

2:37 - 2:44 Concert.

2:44 - 2:54 Hanson singing at the forest with snow.

2:54 - 2:58 C.U. for Ike's solo.

2:58 - 3:07 Blue room, random shots and C.U.

3:07 - 3:11 Forest scene

3:11 - 3:20 Blue room, with C.U. of Tay on his solo parts.

3:20 - 3:24 Singing at the concert with random shots and C.U.

3:24 - 3:49 Fade out with THE wholesomest of the home video X-mas footage.

C.U. = close up


Thinking Of You :

It should be filmed on a country farm with white picket fences and show this really little girl running around the house and jumping through a sprinkler. Then it should show 3 eagles flying through the air, but their faces are replaced by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac's faces. The little girl could look up in the air and point and wave at the eagles.

Yearbook :

First, it opens up to(you see someone’s hand opening a Yearbook) and then you see Taylor's hands playing the beginning of the song.(that's inside the yearbook of course) and then it starts out with Hanson looking through the yearbook. You see them flipping through the pages and looking at everyone and having a blast until...boom! there they see "Johnny Fields", you know his name, you see that, but not his picture. it says a big 'PICTURE UNAVAILABLE' right there. they stop smiling and they all think, "I wonder what happened?" So then it goes to the part where they're in the hallways and they're walking past everyone. slowly. it shows you know, 'poor Katie' crying or whatever. and then they ask everyone 'where did Johnny go?'. And that's how I think it should go!

I think that Hanson should make their next video be "Yearbook". The video could have some baby pictures Hanson, some family pictures of Hanson, short interview or clip of Hanson and of course Hanson's yearbook (if they have one).


Ok well if you've ever heard the song "Yearbook" then it'll be pretty self-explanatory why this is my idea for the video. Of course at the beginning their going to be signing Jamie and Amy's yearbooks, then they'll get their book back. They'll turn to a page and it'll focus on the name Johnny, um, McCarthy(?) then they'll be walking down the halls and they'll faintly hear someone whispering their names. Simple huh? See how creative I can be. (yeah right)

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