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Chapter 11 of "Growing Up"

**AUTHORS NOTE - This chapter takes place in mid-October**

Donna hugged Lindsay one last time.

"This week went by way too fast," she said tearfully. Lindsay nodded. "I'll come visit again soon," Donna said. "I promise." Lindsay shook her head.

"I can't believe that I met HANSON," she said grinning. Donna laughed and lightly punched Lindsay on her shoulder.

"Get over it Linds!" she exclaimed. Lindsay smiled and the two girls hugged again.

"Donna come on!" Zac exclaimed, as he attempted to pull the two girls apart.

"I promise I'll write," Donna said. "Bye!" Lindsay waved as Donna and Zac walked down the terminal. Donna turned around and waved back. Zac groaned.

"Why do girls always get like that?" he asked, rolling his eyes. Donna tousled Zac's hair. "Hey watch the hair!" Zac exclaimed, ducking away. Donna laughed. She and Zac entered the airplane, and walked down the aisle towards the first class section. Isaac, Taylor, Jess, and everyone else was already there. Donna grabbed the seat next to Taylor.

"Took you long enough," Taylor said, as he took her hand. Donna smiled and lay her head on Taylor's shoulder.

"Oh get a room!" Zac exclaimed in a disgusted voice. Everyone laughed. The stewardess entered the room.

"Would anyone care for lunch?" she asked. Isaac looked at his father. Walker nodded. "Go ahead everyone," he said. The stewardess took everyone’s orders, and left.

"So what are you guys up to when we get back?" Jess asked.

"Umm....I don't think anything for a while," Taylor said. "Right dad?" Walker nodded.

"You guys have about 2 weeks to relax. Then it's off to LA to record the new album." Donna picked her head up.

"What new album?" she asked.

"Oh it's a Christmas album," Taylor said. I think the release date is November 18. So we have to get cracking if we want to get it finished by then." Donna nodded.

"Isn't the new single supposed to be released sometime in November too?" Isaac nodded.

"I Will Come to You is going to be released November 11," he said. Another song, 'Cried' is going to be on it too. We have to record that when we're in LA."

"Cool," Donna said. She leaned back and sighed.

"What's wrong?" Taylor asked, looking at her. Donna smiled.

"For once everything is right," she said. Taylor grinned. Donna shook her head. "I still can't believe that you did that Friday night. It was so sweet of you!" she exclaimed.

"I just wanted to show you how much I love you," Taylor said. "And I love you a lot." Donna kissed him.

"I love you too Tay," she said.

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