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Chapter 16 of "Growing Up"

Donna opened her eyes and rolled over in her bed. Lindsay was asleep on the floor. Donna rolled back over to face the window. Bright sunlight was pouring in. Donna blinked her eyes and tossed the covers aside. She got up and stepping over Lindsay, headed down the hall to take a shower. Donna re-entered her room and found Lindsay was still asleep. She smiled and rolled her eyes. Lindsay had never been a morning person. Donna quietly slipped on a pair of jeans and pulled a white T-shirt over her head. She heard a sound come from the lump that was next to her bed. Lindsay's head popped up and she looked around.

"What time is it?" she mumbled. Donna glanced at the clock.

"11:30," she replied.

"Too early to get up," Lindsay muttered, as she pulled the sleeping bag over her head. Donna picked up the phone and punched in the Hanson's phone number.

"Hello?" a small voice said.

"Hi Avie!" Donna exclaimed. "How are ya?"

"Great Donna!" Avery said happily.

"That's good," Donna said. "Is Taylor there?"

"Hang on," Avery said. "I'll get him." Donna waited, and a few seconds later, Taylor came on.


"Hi Tay," Donna said.

"Hey Donna!" Taylor said. "What's up?"

"Oh nothing," Donna said as she sat on her bed. "I was just wondering if you want to do something today."

"Sure!" Taylor exclaimed. "Oh that reminds me. Do you and Lindsay want to come to Ike's birthday party tomorrow night?" Donna grinned.

"Sounds like fun!" she said.

"So what do you want to do today?" Taylor asked.

"Well, how about if we go to the mall?" Donna asked.

"Well...I guess so," Taylor said.

"You sound reluctant," Donna said. "What is it?"

"Well, if we go to the mall, I don't want a bunch of girls coming up and asking for autographs to ruin the trip."

"Oh come on Tay," Donna said in an exasperated voice. "That's all part of being famous sweetie. Get used to it. Oh and don't worry. It won't bother me."

"You sure?" Taylor asked.

"Of course," Donna said. "Oh and you don't mind if Lindsay comes right?"

"Nope," Taylor said. "Is it okay if Ike and Zac come? I would say Jess too, but she's visiting relatives today."

"Okay," Donna said. "When do you want us to come over?"

"Whenever you're ready," Taylor said.

"All right," Donna said. "Let me wake up Lindsay, and we'll be over in a little while, k?"

"Okay. See you soon," Taylor said. "Love you."

"Love you too," Donna said. "Bye!" Donna hung up the phone and walked over to where Lindsay was sleeping. She kicked the mound and a yelp came from beneath the sleeping bag. "Hey!" Lindsay exclaimed, emerging from the covers.

"What gives? I am TRYING to sleep here!"

"Come on," Donna said. "Get up. We're going to the mall today."

"With who?" Lindsay asked as she stood up and stretched.

"Ike, Tay, and Zac," Donna replied. Lindsay gasped.

"Are you serious?" she asked.

"Umm....yes..." Donna said. "Why is that such a big deal?"

"DONNA!" Lindsay exclaimed. "Don't you understand?" Lindsay walked over to Donna's dresser and sorted through the box of c.d.ís. She pulled out Middle of Nowhere and held it up.

"They are famous!" she exclaimed.

"And your point would be...?" Donna said.

"You make it seem like we're going to the mall with totally normal people!"

"But they ARE normal people!" Donna said. "That's how they want to be treated, and so that's how I treat them. And I would really appreciate it if you treated them like that too. I don't want you to scare them off." Lindsay crossed her heart.

"I promise I will try my best to treat them like regular, not famous people," she said. "Even if they are famous," she added, smiling slyly. Donna grinned and threw a pillow at Lindsay.

"Come on!" she said. "Get ready! We have to go soon." Lindsay grabbed her bag and left the room to go take a shower.

Donna sat at her desk and pulled out her vanity mirror. Since she had time, she decided to put on some makeup. Donna opened a drawer and pulled out her makeup bag. She pulled out black mascara, light purple eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and vanilla flavored lip gloss. Donna proceeded to apply the mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner. She lightly rubbed her eyes to create a smudged look. She put a small amount of lip gloss on, and pressed her lips together. Donna looked in the mirror.

"Not bad," she said aloud. She stood up and walked over to her closet. She pulled a evergreen sweater and put it on carefully, so she wouldn't smudge her makeup. Donna pulled on a pair of socks, and put her sandals on. She pulled the scrunchie that had been holding her damp hair back out, and allowed her hair to fall down her back. Donna ran her fingers through her almost dry hair. Lindsay entered Donna's room.

"How do I look?" Donna asked, turning to her.

"You're wearing makeup," Lindsay said incredulously.

"Yeah," Donna said.

"And your hair looks cool." Lindsay walked over to Donna and grabbed a brush off the desk. She brushed through Donna's wavy hair until it was smooth.

"There," Lindsay said, placing the brush down. "Much better."

"Thanks," Donna said. "You ready to go?" Lindsay nodded.

"Okay then," Donna said. "Let's go!"

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