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Chapter 27 of "Growing Up"

Donna sat down in the cushioned seat and placed her bag on the floor.

"Well that was an experience I'll never forget," she said to Jess, who was sitting next to her.

"No kidding," Taylor said, who was sitting on her other side.

(If you are dying to know the seating arrangement, which I'm sure you are, it is, from the end in : Isaac, Zac, Taylor, Donna, Jess, and Kelly.) The theatre was filling up fast.

"Oh my god!" Donna hissed, as she poked Jess. "Will Smith is over there!"

"I'm looking at Nick Carter," Jess said with a grin.

"And there's Jewel," Donna said.

"This is so cool!" Kelly exclaimed.

"Girls," Isaac said, leaning over his brothers. "The Best New Artist is one of the last category's. So if by some chance we win, we'll go up there to receive the award, and then stay backstage until the end of the show. Jason, our bodyguard will come and get you then, and bring you back with us, okay?" Donna, Jess, and Kelly nodded. The lights dimmed.

"Shhhh...," Zac said. "It's starting."

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen," a man who was standing on-stage said.

"Who's that?" Donna whispered to Jess. She shrugged.

"I have no idea," she whispered back.

"Welcome to the 40th annual Grammy Awards," the man continued. "We have some amazing artists here tonight, so let's get started. Here to present out first award, Best R&B performance, Meredith Brooks!"

About 2 hours later...Donna yawned and slouched down in her seat. A whole bunch of awards had been given out, well over 20. Taylor nudged her, and Donna sat up.

"It's almost over," he whispered.

"And now to present the award for Best New Artist, please welcome Elton John!" Donna clapped along with everyone else, and took Taylor's hand. He smiled at her, and turned his attention back to the front.

"Good luck," Donna whispered, as she squeezed his hand. Taylor nodded.

"And the nominees are..." Elton continued. "Fiona Apple." he paused and waited for the clapping to die down. "The Wallflowers....Robyn....Meredith Brooks....Hanson." Donna, Jess, and Kelly screamed and whistled.

"And the winner is..."

Donna closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her heart was pounding.


Donna shrieked and grabbed Taylor.

"You won!" she screamed. Taylor had a huge smile on his face.

"I know!" he yelled back. Donna pulled him into a hug.

"Come on guys!" Isaac exclaimed.

"See you backstage!" Taylor shouted over the cheering. Donna nodded, and turned to Jess, who was, along with Kelly, also freaking out.

"I can't believe they won!" Jess screamed.

"I know!" Donna said.

She looked at the stage just in time to see Isaac, Taylor, and Zac ascend the steps. The cheering died down as Isaac took the award from Elton and shook his hand. Isaac stepped up to the mike.

"Wow," he said, a huge grin on his face. "This is so amazing. We are so grateful for this award."

"Yeah!" Zac exclaimed. "It's awesome." Taylor leaned over.

"We have many people who we would like to thank, including our record company, Mercury Records. Thanks for all the support. We would also like to thank Danny Goldberg, Steve Greenberg, Allison Hamamura, and everyone else who helped out. We couldn't have done this without you."

"Also," Zac said. "We would like to thank the fans. We wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for all you."

"And," Taylor continued, "We’d like to say hi to our parents, siblings, and the three special girls who share in all the work and fun, Donna, Jess, and Kelly!"

"And finally, to quote from our album," Isaac said. “ ‘Our deepest thanks to the One who plants and waters and causes all things to grow, to him in whom all things find their purpose.' Thanks again!"

Zac held the award over his head and grinned. They waved, and followed Elton John backstage

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