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Chapter 29 of "Growing Up"

Donna slowly became aware of a phone ringing. She slowly opened her eyes, and found herself looking at Taylor.

"Oh yeah," she muttered, remembering why she was with Taylor. Donna rolled over and picked up the ringing phone.

"Hello?" she said in a groggy voice.

"Donna?" the voice on the other end said. "Did I get the wrong room?"

Donna quickly sat up. If Taylor's mother found out that Donna had spent the night with him, she wouldn't be too happy.

"," Donna said. "I was just....helping Tay pack."

"Oh okay," Diana said. "Well, I just wanted to let you know that we're leaving in about a half hour. Please let the others know, okay?"

"I will," Donna said. "We'll be ready."

"Okay, bye," Diana said. Donna hung up the phone and rolled back over to face Taylor.

She leaned over and let her lips fall onto his. She pulled away and lightly shook his shoulder.

"Wake up Tay," she whispered. Taylor's eyes opened slowly. He smiled when he saw Donna.

"What a great thing to wake up to," he said in a sleepy voice. Donna smiled, and kissed him again.

"Thanks," she said. "But you have to get up. We're leaving in a half hour." Donna stood up, and took Taylor's brush off the night table. She began to brush the knots out of her hair. "You're lucky that I'm such a good liar," she commented.

"Huh?" Taylor asked, still half asleep.

"Your mom just called to tell you that we're leaving soon. I had to make up an excuse on the spot explaining why I was in here."

"Oh that's good," Taylor said, his blue eyes closing.

"Taylor!" Donna said in an exasperated voice. "Get up. I thought I was bad."

"Won't you lay down with me for a few more minutes?" Taylor asked.

"No," Donna replied. "You have to get up." She started to get up, but couldn't, because Taylor was holding onto her shirt. He pulled her down next to him.

"Tay..." Donna began. Taylor put his finger over her lips, motioning for her to be quiet.

He leaned over and kissed her softly. He pulled away, and looked at her with sad eyes. Donna looked back at him, and finally decided that five more minutes in bed wouldn't kill her.

"All right," she said, getting back under the sheets. "But only for five minutes." Taylor nodded, and moved closer to Donna.

Donna put her arms around him and lightly pushed her lips against his. She parted her lips and slid her tongue into Taylor's mouth. Taylor reached down and placed his hand on Donna's thigh. He slowly began to move it up. Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the adjoining door. Donna and Taylor broke apart, and Donna quickly jumped out of the bed. She grabbed Taylor's jeans off the floor and pulled them on. The person knocked again.

"Be right there!" Donna exclaimed. She ran over to the door, composed herself, and slowly opened the door. Isaac was standing in the doorway, a confused look on his face.

"What the heck took you so long?" he asked, entering the room. He spotted Taylor still laying in the bed, and then glanced back at Donna. A smile slowly appeared on his face. He snickered and walked over to the dresser.

"Sorry for...ahem...interrupting you guys," he said. Donna glared at Isaac, walked over to him and punched him in the shoulder.

"Shut up Ike," she said with a smile. "I didn't see you in here last night. Where might you have been?" Isaac turned to face her.

"I was..."

"Jerking off?" Taylor supplied.

"Taylor!" Donna gasped. "That was rude."

"That's me," Taylor said standing up and stretching. "Mr. Rude."

"He's always crabby in the morning," Isaac explained.

"You should talk Ike," Taylor said. "You aren't exactly Mr. Sunshine in the morning either. Must be having a good day though." Donna laughed and walked over to the door.

"I'm going to go get ready to leave," she said, pulling the door open.

"See if you can conquer the impossible task of waking Zac," Isaac said.

"I'll try my best, but I'm not making any promises," Donna said with a smile.

She entered the other room, and saw Jess pulling on a pair of sneakers. Zac was lying on the floor, sound asleep.

"Hey Donna," Jess said. "Didn't hear you come in last night."

"That's probably because I didn't," Donna said, nudging Zac with her foot.

"And what might you have been doing?" Jess asked with a sly smile.

"You have a very sick mind Jess," Donna commented as she reached down and shook Zac's shoulder.

"Wake up Zac," she said loudly. Zac stirred, and slowly opened his eyes.

"Come on Zac," Donna said. "You have to get ready to leave." She stood over Zac for a few more seconds, then threw her hands in the air when he didn't get up.

"I give up!" she exclaimed, walking over to her bed and falling onto it. "Let Ike deal with him."

"Or maybe we can get his dad over here," Jess said, sticking her head out of the bathroom. Zac got up and out of the room in three seconds flat. Donna laughed.

"How do you do that?" she asked Jess.

"Magic," Jess replied, walking out of the bathroom.

"Thanks," Donna said. "That really helps me." Jess walked over to where Kelly was still sleeping on the floor.

Donna decided to sneak into the bathroom while Jess was waking Kelly. She got up, walked across the room, and into the bathroom. She shut the door and turned to examine her reflection in the mirror. After deciding she could take a shower when she got home, Donna washed her face and brushed her teeth. She gathered up her things and put them all in her suitcase. She zipped it up and placed it on the floor, next to the bed.

"I can't wait to get home," Jess commented as she fell onto her bed.

"Me neither," Donna said, as she closed her eyes.

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