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Chapter 3 of "Growing Up"

Donna pushed open the front door. "Mom? Dad?" she called.

"In the kitchen sweetie," Donna heard her mother say.

Donna took off her jacket and hung it up in the front closet. She walked down the hallway to the kitchen. Her mother was sitting at the table, drinking a cup of tea.

"Hi mom," Donna said as she sat down across from her. "Where's dad?"

"He'll be home later. He just has to get all his stuff in the car, and say good-bye." Donna nodded.

"Well, when he gets home, call me. I'll be in my room." Donna's mother nodded.

Donna stood up and walked back down the hallway and up the stairs to her bedroom. She shut her bedroom door behind her, and fell onto her bed. She reached over to her night table and grabbed the remote control. She turned on the TV. and flipped through the channels, until she found MTV. The video for the Wallflower's "One Headlight" was playing. Donna sighed and glanced out the window. The sun was setting, and the sky had turned a pinkish-orange color. She rolled over and shut her eyes.

"Donna!!" a voice called from downstairs. "Your father is leaving!"

Donna opened her eyes, and found her room to be pitch black. She glanced at her clock radio, and the red numbers read 8:34pm. Donna stood up and walked across her bedroom. She went downstairs and found her father standing at the front door.

"Hi honey," he said.

"Hey dad," Donna said in a tired voice. "You leaving?" Her father nodded.

"But don't you worry. I'll see you in May when you come to visit." Donna nodded and hugged her father.

"I'll miss you dad," she said.

"I'll miss you too sweetheart," he said. He let go of Donna and opened the front door. "Bye!" he said.

"Bye dad," Donna said. She stepped outside and watched her father get into his car. She waved to him as he pulled out of the driveway, and drove down the street. Donna stood outside a few more minutes, then walked back inside.

"Donna?" she heard her mother call from the study.

"Yeah?" Donna called back.

"Come here please." Donna walked down the hall and into the study.

"Yes?" she asked.

"I have to go on a business trip for a week. I'm leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow, and I should be home next Saturday," Donna's mother said.

"Aw mom," Donna said sighing. "Do you really have to leave?" Donna's mother nodded.

"But I've made arrangements for you to stay with the Hanson's."

"Really?" Donna asked brightly.

"Yes. And there's more good news. They are leaving the day after tomorrow for New Jersey. They're holding a concert at the Meadowlands Arena." Donna's jaw dropped.

"You're kidding right?" Donna's mother shook her head.

"Nope. You'll go with them, and you'll stay with them in the hotel."

"Wait. Why can't I stay with dad?" Donna asked, frowning.

"Oh honey, your dad won't be there. He went to London until the end of the month. But, you will be able to see Lindsay." Donna grinned.

"Really? Oh I can't wait! Linds will be so excited!"

"If you want, you can call her." Donna shook her head.

"No way. I want to surprise her!" she exclaimed. "Oh man, this is going to be awesome. I gotta go pack!"

Donna ran up the stairs to her bedroom. She closed the door behind her and ran over to her closet. She began pulling clothes out and tossing them onto her bed. She dragged her suitcase out from the back of her closet and threw it on her bed. She folded all of her clothes and placed them in the suitcase. Suddenly, the phone rang. Donna picked it up.

"Hey Taylor," she said as she walked back over to her bed.

"You're getting pretty good at that," Taylor said on the other line.

"Yeah, sometimes I amaze myself," Donna said laughing. "So what's up?"

"Did your mom tell you about this week?" Taylor asked.

"Oh my gosh!" Donna exclaimed. "Yeah she told me! I am sooooo excited. I can't wait to see Lindsay!"

"Cool," Taylor said. "I just hope you can deal with sleeping in our room tomorrow night. Zac gets a bit hyper."

"I'll deal," Donna said. "This is going to be a blast!"

"Yeah," Taylor said. "Well, I gotta go pack. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

"All right," Donna said.

"Love you," Taylor said.

"Love you too," Donna said. And she hung up the phone.

Chapter 4: