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Chapter 33 of "Growing Up"

Donna entered her bedroom and tossed her bags on the floor. She walked over to her dresser and pulled out a black tank top and a pair of dark green mesh shorts. After changing and brushing her teeth, Donna climbed into her bed and shut off the light. After glancing out her window for a second, she fell asleep.

Donna slowly opened her eyes, and found herself staring at blackness. She realized that there was a heavy feeling in her chest. She tried sitting up, but realized that something was holding her down. As her eyes adjusted to the dark, Donna gasped when she saw Jake, her mother’s boyfriend, on top of her, pulling her shorts off. She opened her mouth to scream, but Jake roughly covered her mouth with his hand.

“Shut up!” he rasped.

Donna struggled under Jake’s weight, but he was too strong for her. Keeping one hand on top of her mouth, Jake began to molest Donna. Donna’s eyes brimmed with tears, and she tried to think straight. She continued to struggle, but she knew it was hopeless.

After what had seemed like years to Donna, Jake finally got off of her. He pulled his jeans up and glared harshly at Donna. She could see his black eyes in the moonlight that was pouring into her room.

“DON’T even think about telling your mother, or anyone else about this,” he snarled. “If you do, I’ll kill you and your mother.”

Donna inhaled shakily and backed up into the corner. Jake gave her one last look, then left her room, closing the door behind him. Donna broke into tears, and pushed her face against the pillow to muffle her crying.

A few days later :

Donna sat on her bed, staring into space, her eyes red from crying. Jake had come into her room every night that week and molested her. She bit her lip to keep from crying. After sitting there for a few more minutes, Donna stood up and ran out of her room. She ran clumsily down the stairs and into the kitchen. She opened a drawer and pulled out a large knife. Donna slit her left wrist, and screamed loudly at the sudden pain. She slit her other wrist, and fell to the floor, crying hysterically.

Isaac paced back and forth, debating whether or not to call Skylar. He knew it would be a prefect time to call. No one was home, so he wouldn’t have to worry about any younger siblings annoying him.

“But what should I say???” he asked aloud, falling onto his bed. He sat up and grabbed the phone. He punched in Donna’s number.

“Donna will know what I should say to her,” he assured himself.

Donna reached over and picked up her phone. “Hello?” she said in a low, tearful voice.

“Donna?” Isaac asked.


“What happened?” Isaac asked, immediately sensing something was wrong.

“N-nothing,” Donna said, feeling the knot in her stomach get larger. She knew she was about to break into tears.

“Isaac I can’t talk right now,” she said. “I’ll call you later.” She hung up the phone and began to cry again.

Isaac dropped the phone and stared at it questionably. He stood up and pulled on a cream t-shirt and his doc martens. He was already wearing baggy cords. After taking a glance at himself in the mirror, Isaac ran down the stairs and out the front door. He walked up to Donna’s front door and knocked loudly. When no one answered, he knocked again.

“Donna?” he called.

Isaac walked around the back and tried the back door. After finding it open, he entered the kitchen. He gasped when he saw the blood that covered the floor.

“DONNA!” he called urgently.

He ran through the first floor, searching for Donna. He ran over to the stairs and raced up them. He arrived at Donna’s closed bedroom door, and found more blood outside the door. He pushed the door open and took in the scene that lay before him.

Donna was sitting on her bed, her knees up to her chest. She had her arms wrapped around her legs, and she was rocking back and forth, crying softly. Blood was trickling from both of her wrists.

Isaac walked up to her, and sat beside her on the bed. He wrapped his strong arms around her, and pulled her close. Donna put her head on Isaac’s shoulder and continued to cry. Isaac pulled her closer and let her cry for a few minutes. Donna wrapped her arms around Isaac’s waist and hugged him tightly, not wanting to let go.

After a few minutes of sitting like that, Isaac gently pushed her away and held her at arm’s length. He looked deeply into Donna’s red puffy eyes.

“Donna,” he began. “What happened? Why did you cut your wrists?”

Donna looked at Isaac strangely, then down at her wrists. She gasped when she saw the blood.

“Oh my god!” she said tearfully. “How did that happen?”

Isaac sighed, and stood up. He reached for Donna’s hand, and pulled her up. He led her to the bathroom to clean up her cuts. After Donna’s wrists were cleaned off, she and Isaac re entered her bedroom. Donna looked at Isaac, and saw his eyes were full of concern. She felt her throat tighten up. Isaac walked over to her, and put his arms around her. Donna leaned her head against Isaac’s chest and inhaled deeply. He smelled good, a combination of clean laundry and a touch of cologne. She could feel his body heat radiate through the thin shirt he was wearing.

Isaac rested his chin on top of Donna’s head, and stared off into space. He still had to know idea as to why Donna had cut her wrists ; he was actually afraid to know. He inhaled deeply, and the scent of Donna’s sweet smelling shampoo invaded his nostrils.

“Isaac?” Donna said softly.

Isaac lowered his head slightly and stared into Donna’s green eyes.

“Thank you,” she said. “For being here for me.”

Isaac smiled warmly at Donna and hugged her tighter.

“Anytime Donna,” he said. “Anytime.”

Chapter 34: