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Chapter 4 of "Growing Up"

the next night, around 8:30 p.m.:

"Die man! Die!!!" Zac yelled.

"Zac chill out," Donna said from her position on Taylor's bed.

"Yeah Zac," Taylor said. "It's just a game."

"Ooooohh noooooooooo!!!!!!!!" Zac screamed grabbing his throat. "I died!"

"Obviously," Donna said giggling.

"Zac you take those games waaaaay too seriously," Taylor commented. Zac stood up and made a fist.

"From this day forth!" he yelled. "I..." Zac got a confused look on his face. "What was I going to say?" he asked himself. Donna burst out laughing.

"Zac you spazz," Isaac said as he threw a pillow at Zac.

"That's it!" Zac yelled. "You're gonna get it!" He ran at Zac holding a pillow. He whacked Ike on the head.

"Hey now...." Isaac said. "No need for violence." Zac walked over to the bunk bed and climbed the ladder to the top bunk.

"Now what?" Taylor asked, who was sitting on the floor next to the bed. Donna shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know," she said.

"I'm bored," Zac said from the top bunk. "Being bored is so...boring." He laughed at his own joke. "I crack myself up," he said.

"That makes one of us," Taylor said. They sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Bored, bored, bored," Zac sang softly. "I am bored, bored, bored. Oh so bored. I'm..."

"Hey Zac," Donna interrupted. "Yeah?" he asked.

"Are you bored?" she asked smiling. Isaac and Taylor laughed.

"Yeah, I guess I am," Zac said.

"I have an idea," Taylor said. "Everyone write down something to do, and we'll put everyone's suggestions in that hat over there. Then we can pick one, and that's what we will do."

"Good idea Tay," Ike said as he stood up and walked over to the desk. He grabbed a piece of paper and ripped it into four pieces. He opened a drawer and took out four pens. He passed out the paper and pens to everyone.

Donna chewed on the pen as she thought about what to do. Finally she wrote down her idea. She folded the paper and tossed it into the baseball cap on the floor. Isaac and Taylor did the same a few seconds later, and finally Zac threw his paper in.

"Okay Ike," Taylor said . "Mix 'em up." Isaac shook the cap a few times and walked over to Donna.

"Would you be so kind as to pick one?" he asked.

"Id be honored," Donna said giggling. She shut her eyes tight and fished around in the cap. She pulled out a piece of paper and opened it up.

"So what are we going to do?" Taylor asked. Donna raised her eyebrows slightly.

"Fly to the Moon in a cardboard box," she said, looking up at Zac. "Gee, I wonder who write this down, ZAC," she said.

"Hey," Zac protested. "You said to write down what WE wanted to do. That's what I wanted to do."

"Well Zac," Isaac said. "You can fly to the moon in a cardboard box on your own time. Donna, pick again." Donna repeated the process, and opened the second piece of paper.

"Go to sleep," Donna said. Recognizing his handwriting, Donna looked at Taylor. "You tired Tay?" she asked. Taylor nodded.

"I'm ready for bed," he said, stifling a yawn.

"Actually that's not a bad idea," Isaac said. "We have to leave early tomorrow anyway."

"Well, Donna said standing up and grabbing her bag. "I'll go change and brush my teeth. Be right back." Donna walked down the hallway down to the bathroom. She quickly changed into a white T-shirt and black Umbros. She brushed her teeth and washed her face, then left the bathroom. She knocked on the door to the guys room.

"Come on in," she heard Taylor say. Donna pushed open the door and walked over to the bunk bed, stepping over Taylor, who had opted to sleep on the floor, so Donna could have his bed.

"Oops," Donna said when she stepped on Taylor's arm. "Sorry Tay."

"No problem," Taylor said. "I was getting up anyway to go to the bathroom. Taylor stood up and left the room. Donna got into Taylor's bed and pulled the sheets up to her chin. She heard a toilet flush and a few seconds later, Taylor re-entered the room.

"Nice boxers Tay," Donna said looking at Taylor's red and white striped boxers. Taylor blushed and switched off the light. Donna laughed along with Isaac and Zac. The laughter died down a few seconds later.

"Night guys," Donna said as she rolled over to face the wall.

"Goodnight Donna," Taylor and Isaac said.

"And may the force be with you," Zac whispered. Donna giggled.

"Night Zac-man," she said, shutting her eyes.

Chapter 5: