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Chapter 6 of "Growing Up"

"I got the backseat!" Taylor yelled as he ran towards the large white van the Hanson's had rented.

They had just arrived in New Jersey after a long plane ride. Taylor pulled open the door and jumped in. Donna climbed in after him, and jumped over the seat into the backseat. She plopped down next to Taylor. Isaac and Zac grabbed the next seat up, Jessie, Avery, and Mackenzie got the next seat up, and Diana and Walker were in the front.

"How far?" Zac asked when Walker pulled out of the airport parking lot.

"About 40 minutes," Diana answered. A yawn escaped Donna's mouth.

"Tired?" Taylor asked, looking at her. Donna nodded. "You want to lay down?"

"You sure it's okay?" Donna asked. Taylor nodded and smiled. Donna lay down, placing her head on Taylor's lap. She fell asleep a few minutes later. Donna was dreaming about going to see Lindsay, when she heard her name being called.

"Donna wake up," Taylor said. Donna opened her eyes and lifted her head up. The van was empty, besides Taylor and Donna.

"The hotel?" Donna asked. Taylor nodded.

"Come on," he said taking her hand and pulling her out of the van. Donna walked around to the back of the van, and pulled out her suitcase and bookbag. She waited for Taylor to get his stuff, and then they walked into the hotel.

"Do you know where the rooms are?" Donna asked.

"Yep," Taylor said, as they stepped into the elevator. "14th floor," he said, pushing the button. The elevator hummed as it went up to the 14th floor. The doors opened when the elevator reached the floor, and Donna and Taylor stepped out and began to walk down the hall.

"You feel better?" Taylor asked. Donna smiled and nodded.

"A lot. Thanks for letting me use your lap," she said. Taylor grinned.

"No problem." He knocked on one of the doors, and a few seconds later, Isaac answered the door.

"Well, well, well," he said. "What have we here?" Taylor walked past Isaac into the hotel room. Donna laughed when she saw the room.

"You guys sure know how to demolish a room," she said. Clothes were strewn around the room, and half-emptied suitcases were scattered around the room.

"Hey Donna!" Donna heard a child’s voice call. Avery stepped into the room trough a door next to one of the beds. "Come on! We want to play!" Donna smiled.

"Be right there Avie!" she said. "I guess I'm in that room?" she asked Isaac.

"Yep. You Jess and Avery share that room, me, Tay, and Zac share this one, and mom, dad, and Mack are in the room down the hall. Donna nodded and walked across the room and into the room next door. Zac and Jessica were playing a card game, and Avery was sitting on the floor, brushing a Barbie dolls hair.

"Hey guys!" Donna said brightly. Jessica looked up and grinned.

"Donna!" she exclaimed. "Will you play with me an' Zac?" Donna shrugged.

"What are you playing?" she asked.

"Go Fish," Zac said.

"I wanna play," Avery said standing up and running over to the bed.

"Well why don't you three play, and I'll join in the next round okay?" Donna said. They nodded, and Zac delt the cards out. Donna walked back across the room and into the next room over. Isaac was watching TV, and Taylor was unpacking.

"Umm....guys?" Donna said. "When can we go see Linds?" Isaac glanced at his watch.

"We can go now if you want," he said standing up.

"Great!" Donna exclaimed.

"Hey Zac!" Taylor called. "You want to come with us?"

"Be right there!" Zac called back. Donna, Taylor and Isaac walked out into the hallway and waited for Zac.

"So does Lindsay live nearby?" Isaac asked.

"About 5 minutes away," Donna answered. Zac jumped out into the hallway.

"Let's go!" he yelled. Isaac, Taylor, Donna, and Zac walked back down the hall, rode the elevator back down to the first floor, and exited the hotel.

"Donna you take the front seat so you can direct me to Lindsay's house, okay?" Isaac said as they approached the truck. Donna nodded and opened the truck door. She got in to the passenger seat, and Taylor and Zac sat in the backseat. Isaac got into the driver's seat and started the truck.

"Okay," he said, pulling out of the parking lot. "Which way?"

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