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Chapter 8 of "Growing Up"

"Well, she's not exactly the most talkative person I have met," Isaac commented as he pulled out of Lindsay's driveway.

"She's not usually like that," Donna said from the backseat. "Normally you can't get her to shut up!"

"Well, I would have never guessed," Isaac said.

"So what do you guys have to do before the concert?" Donna asked.

"Well, we have to practice," Taylor said. "That's about it."

"I'm going to be able to go, right?" Donna asked.

"Of course!" Isaac exclaimed. "We have a backstage pass for you!"

"Really? Wow that's awesome!" Donna exclaimed. "Wait till Lindsay hears!"

"Well, Isaac said, glancing back at Taylor. Taylor nodded his head. "We could probably scrounge up a backstage pass for Lindsay too," Isaac said.

"As long as she promises not to freak out and scream," Zac added.

"I will make her promise," Donna said happily. "Thanks guys. I really appreciate it."

"No problem," Taylor said. Donna looked out the window, a grin on her face.

"Here we are," Isaac said, coasting into the hotel parking lot.

"Anyone want to go for a swim?" Zac asked.

"I'm there!" Donna exclaimed. "Same here," Taylor said.

"I guess I'll go too then," Isaac said.

"Okay then," Donna said, hopping out of the truck.

"Let's go get on our suits!" About 2 minutes later, the four had arrived back at the hotel rooms.

"Meet back out here in 5 minutes," Isaac instructed.

Donna nodded and ran into her hotel room. She unzipped her suitcase and rummaged through it until she found a bathing suit and a towel. Donna quickly changed into the basic black one-piece, and threw a T-shirt on over it. She grabbed the towel and walked out into the hallway. Taylor and Isaac were standing there, wearing their suits and T-shirts.

"Umm...where's Zac?" Donna asked.

"Making us wait for him," Taylor said. "As usual." Zac bounded into the hallway.

"Okay!" he exclaimed. "Let's go!!"

"It's about time Zac," Taylor commented.

A few minutes later, the foursome had arrived at the pool. The only other people that were there was a middle-aged couple in the Jacuzzi. Zac immediately pulled his shirt off and jumped into the pool. Taylor and Donna followed, and Ike calmly climbed down the ladder and into the pool.

"Who wants to have a chicken fight?" Zac called.

"I do!" Donna exclaimed, swimming over to Zac.

"Okay," Isaac said. "What are the teams?"

"How about me and Donna versus you and Zac?" Taylor suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Donna said.

"Okay then," Isaac said. "C'mon Zac. Up on my shoulders." Taylor turned to Donna.

"You can be on top, okay?" Donna nodded. Taylor went underwater, and Donna got on his shoulders. Since Ike and Taylor were about the same height, it was a fair match.

"Ready?" Zac asked. "GO!" Donna waited for Taylor to get close enough, then she began shoving Zac. Zac pushed back, until Isaac began to lose his balance.

"Come on Donna!" Taylor yelled.

"Ike hang on!" Zac screamed. Donna gave Zac one last shove, and Isaac fell over.

"Yeah!!" Taylor yelled. "Way to go Donna!" Donna raised her arms in victory. Zac submerged, sputtering. He swam over to Taylor and Donna, wearing an evil grin. The next thing she knew, Donna was underwater. She popped up from the water and looked around. Taylor was swimming after Zac. Donna took off.

"You're going to get it Zac!" she said.

About an hour later, Donna, Taylor, Ike and Zac were walking down the hall, back to the hotel room.

"Well I'm exhausted," Taylor said.

"Me too," Zac said.

"And we have to get up early to get ready for the concert," Isaac added, glancing at his watch. "It's 9:00," he said.

"Well, I guess I'll go to bed," Donna said, as they arrived at the hotel rooms. "What time are we leaving tomorrow?"

"Ummm....I think 10:30," Taylor said.

"Okay," Donna said, opening the door. "I'll see you guys tomorrow then. Goodnight!"

"Night Donna," Isaac and Taylor said.

"Goodnight DON," Zac said smirking. Donna popped her head back into the hallway.

"Where did you get that nickname from?" she asked in a confused voice.

"I just made it up," Zac said. "You like it?"

"Well," Donna said. "If I say no, you'll probably call me Don for the rest of my life. So I guess it's okay."

"Cool," Zac said. "Night!" Donna nodded and smiled to herself as she closed the door. She got changed into a T-shirt and got into the bed. She fell asleep quickly.

Taylor stared at the ceiling. "Maybe swimming right before we went to bed wasn't such a good idea after all," he said aloud.

"No kidding," Isaac said from the other bed.

"You can't sleep either?" Taylor asked.

"Nope," Isaac said. "But Zac doesn't seem to have any trouble." "He's asleep?" Taylor asked.

"Yep." There was silence.

"Tay what's wrong?" Isaac asked.

"Nothing," Taylor said rolling over to face the wall. "What makes you think something is wrong?"

"Come on Tay," Isaac said. "I know you well enough to know when something is bothering you. What is it?" Taylor sighed.

"It's Donna," he said.

"You two having problems?" Isaac asked in a concerned voice.

"'s just," Taylor thought for a second. "Our relationship isn't like I want it to be. It doesn't even seem like she's my girlfriend."

"So what are you saying?" Isaac asked.

"I guess I want more out of our relationship. I want us to be, ya know, a ‘couple’. Not just two friends that occasionally go out."

"Ohhhh..." Isaac said. "I see what you mean.'re going to have to show Donna that you want your relationship to be stronger and more serious."

"But how do I do that?" Taylor asked.

"You'll have to figure that part out on your own little bro," Isaac said. "Sleep on it. You'll think of something."

"Okay," Taylor said. "Thanks Ike."

"Don't mention it," Isaac mumbled. "Night Tay."

"Night," Taylor said as he shut his eyes.

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