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Chapter 10 of "Some Changes Are Good"

Donna awoke to the sound of her alarm clock buzzing the next morning. She reached over and turned it off. She got out of bed quickly and went to the bathroom to take a shower. 20 minutes later, Donna walked back into her room. She opened her closet and pulled out a light green t-shirt. She pulled it over her head, grabbed her cutoff shorts off the floor and pulled them on, and put her sandals on. She glanced at her clock and saw it was 9:45. The guys would be there in 15 minutes. Donna walked over to her stereo and turned it on. "MMMBop" was playing. Donna turned it up full blast. She didn't have to worry about her parents, because they were at work already. Donna sang along as she made her bed and straightened her bedroom. She glanced out her window and saw Ike was sitting in his truck, and Zac was sitting next to him. Taylor was just coming out of the house. He began walking over to Donna's. Donna quickly turned her stereo off. Sure enough, within seconds, she heard the doorbell ring. She ran downstairs and opened the door.

"Hey Taylor," she said.

"Hi. You ready to go?" Donna nodded.

"Let me just get my key." She ran to the kitchen and took her key off the counter. She put it in her pocket and ran back to Taylor.

"Okay, let's go." she said. She closed the front door and followed Taylor over to Ike's truck. She got in and moved over so Taylor could sit next to her. He got in and shut the door. Zac turned around in his seat.

"Awwwww...what a cute couple," he said. Taylor blushed.

"Shut up Zac," he muttered and stared out the window. Ike turned the radio on. The four sat in silence on the way to the mall. Finally, Ike pulled into the huge parking lot. He parked and got out.

"Come on," he said as he opened the door for Donna. She got out.

"Thanks," she said. "So what time are you guys performing?"

"11:00," Ike said. "Dad already brought the instruments in early this morning." Donna nodded. The four started walking towards the mall entrance. They walked in and were greeted by screams and chants of "We want Hanson!".

"Whoa," Donna said under her breath. There were easily over 500 people crammed around a stage in the center of the mall.

"Come on," Ike said. "Dad said to meet him backstage." Donna followed Ike, Tay and Zac through the mall towards the stage. Some girls saw them and started shrieking. Donna put her hands over her ears to avoid going deaf. The four finally made it to the back of the stage.

"Dad!" Ike yelled and waved to his father. They went over to Walker Hanson, the boys father.

"Hey guys," he said. He looked over at Donna. "I don't believe we have met," he said to Donna.

"Oh this is our friend Donna," Zac said. Donna shook Walker's hand.

"Nice to meet you," she said with a smile.

"The pleasure's mine," he said turning to the guys. "You ready to go?" he asked.

"Yeah," Ike said. "Is it ok if Donna introduces us?"

"Sure," his father said. "Do you know what you're going to say?" he asked Donna.

"Yep, they told me what to say on the way here."

"Okay then. Go on out." Donna nodded and walked on-stage.

"What's up guys?" she began. "Are you ready to see an awesome band?" She was greeted by screams and cheers. "I guess so. Okay then it is my pleasure to present HANSON!!"

Ike, Tay and Zac ran on-stage. The crowd went wild. "Thanks Donna!” Isaac exclaimed. “Okay guys let's go! 1,2,3!"

They began playing. Donna stood backstage listening. At the end of all 5 songs, the crowd, consisting mostly of teenage girls, was going wild.

"Whoa! Calm down!" Tay said into the microphone. "We're not done yet! We still have one more song." He looked over at Donna and motioned for her to come out on stage. Donna mouthed

"What are you doing?" to him.

"We are pleased to present Donna Wilson on keyboards for our final song, "With You in Your Dreams!" Donna walked on-stage and over to Taylor. "What are you doing?" she whispered.

"YOU are going to play. We discussed it last night. You're so good, we’d like you to play." he handed her the music to "With You in Your Dreams". "Good luck!" he said.

Donna stood behind the keyboard. "1,2,3" Ike said a little quieter than before.

Donna began playing the opening chords to the song. Zac came in on drums, and then Ike on guitar. Taylor began singing. There were no major mistakes made during the performance, and when they finished, the girls started screaming and cheering.

"Thanks Tulsa!!" Ike yelled. "And a special thanks to Donna!!" The four ran offstage. Cries of "We want Hanson" came from the audience. Tay grabbed Donna's hand and the four went back on-stage to take a final bow. They then ran offstage.

"Great job guys!" Walker exclaimed. "And Donna, you were excellent!"

"Thanks Mr. Hanson," Donna said. He turned to Isaac. "Where are you going now?" he asked.

"Well," Ike began. "We were thinking of going to the park if Donna's not busy today."

"I'm free!" Donna said. "It sounds like fun!"

"YEAH!!!!!" Zac yelled as he jumped up and down. "I want to ride Batman!!"

"Okay then," Ike said. "We'll be home later dad."

"Have fun guys!" Walker said. The four walked off the stage, and were once again greeted by screams.

"Come on!" Tay said as he grabbed Donna's hand. "We have to book it to the car before we get mobbed!" They raced out to the parking lot and into Ike's car. Ike started it up and pulled out of the parking lot. Zac turned around in his seat.

"You just met the "Scream Squad" he said.

"The "Scream Squad"?" Donna asked.

"It's what we call our fans when they get like they did back there," Taylor informed her. Donna nodded.

"Yeah," Zac said. He raised his voice a few octaves. "Oh I love you Ike. I love you Taylor! I love you Zac! Please marry me! All three of you! I love you so much!!" Everyone laughed.

"We just have to swing by the house to get our suits on," Ike said. "The water rides will be open." "Okay," Donna said. "Hey, is it okay if Jess comes too?"

"Sure!" Ike said. "She's welcome to come."

"Cool," Donna said as Ike pulled into the Hanson's driveway.

"Go get on your suit and call Jess," Ike said as he got out of the truck.

"Okay," Donna said as she walked over to her house. She let herself in and raced up to her room. Donna pulled her favorite bathing suit, a dark blue Nike one, out of her dresser and put it on. She pulled on a pair of black Adidas shorts and put her sandals back on. She ran downstairs and into the kitchen. She picked up the phone and dialed Jessica's number. Jess picked up on the 2nd ring.

"Hi Jess?" Donna said. "It's Donna. Listen, are you busy today?" she paused. "Good. You want to come with me, Tay, Ike and Zac to the park?" she paused again. "Great! Oh make sure you wear your bathing suit and bring a towel. We'll pick you up in a few minutes. Bye!"

Donna hung up the phone and walked over to the linen closet. She pulled out a towel and rolled it into a ball. She then walked over to the front door and opened it. She stepped outside, shut the door, and ran over to the Hanson's house.

Chapter 11: