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Chapter 14 of "Some Changes Are Good"

About 2 hours later, the movie was over. Donna had been holding Taylor's hand through the whole movie. Ike got up and turned the lights on. Donna looked over at Zac and giggled. He was leaning against Tay, sound asleep.

"Ike you get him," Tay said as he let go of Donna's hand, stood up and stretched. "I'm too tired." Ike walked over to Zac and picked him up.

"Well we better go," Jess said as she got up and walked over to Donna. "It's pretty late."

"Okay," Tay said. "We'll see you tomorrow, 7:00."

"Okay, goodnight," Donna said as she followed Jess up the stairs.

"Night!" Ike called. Donna and Jessica walked back over to Donna's house and went inside.

"Goodnight mom!" Donna called as she and Jess went up to Donna's room.

"Are you tired?" Jess asked as they walked into the room.

"Nope," Donna answered as she sat on her bed. "I usually don't get tired until around 1 or 2 in the morning."

"Well, I'm exhausted. If you don't mind, I'm going to sleep," Jess said as she unrolled her sleeping bag and got in it. "You know," she said. "You and Tay seemed to have really hit it off." Donna lay back on her bed and closed her eyes.

"Yeah," she said. "He's a really great guy. But how about you and Ike?" she asked. "I noticed you two holding hands during the movie." She burrowed under her covers and looked down at Jess.

"Yeah, he's a really great guy too. We've been friends for a really long time."

"Oh, well I guess I'll try to go to sleep. Goodnight Jess."

"Night Donna." Donna tossed and turned for a while, but couldn't get to sleep. So she quietly got up and walked over to her dresser.

She opened the bottom drawer and pulled out her journal. She walked back over to her bed and sat down. Donna opened the journal and turned her bedside light on. She picked up the pencil and began writing.

"July 4 - Dear Journal, Well I've been in Tulsa for only a few days, and so far it's been great. I met a girl named Jessica, She's really nice and reminds me of Lindsay. I also met our neighbors, a family of 8! (2 parents, 6 kids) I didn't really meet the three younger ones. I mainly hit it off with the three older brothers, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. Isaac, who I call Ike, is a really cool guy. I feel like if I ever have a problem or a question, I can go to him. He was the one that discovered I can sing. I didn't even know I could sing! Anyway, on to Zac, the youngest of the three. I swear that kid MUST eat a bowl of sugar every morning for breakfast. He is so hyper! But he is a really cute kid, and a total sweetheart. I saved the best for last. Taylor, who is 14 like me, is my favorite brother out of the three. He's good-looking, talented, and he has a great personality. He and I really hit it off. Usually I am totally uncomfortable around guys my age. But it's different with Taylor. I even had enough courage to hold his hand during the movie we watched tonight. And sometimes he grabs my hand, like when we were running in the mall parking lot. I really like Tay, and I think he might actually like me back! Boy that would be a first. Anyway, I have a date tomorrow with him. (We're double dating with Jess and Ike). So I'll write about that tomorrow. -Donna."

Donna closed the journal and slid it under her mattress. She placed the pencil on her night stand and turned the light off. She was soon sound asleep.

Chapter 15: