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Chapter 18 of "Some Changes Are Good"

A few hours later, Donna, Ike, Tay, and Zac were taking their final bows. They had just finished performing, and it had gone great. The four ran offstage.

"Whew," Ike said. "I'm exhausted." Donna sat on the floor.

"Me too," she said. "How do you guys do it?"

"How can you guys be tired?" Zac asked. "That was fun!! I'm not tired at all!!"

"Speak for yourself," Taylor said. "I'm ready to go to sleep right now."

"Okay then. Let's go," Ike said. Donna got up and followed Ike and the others out the back entrance to the mall.

"Wow. It sure is hot out," Donna said as they stepped outside.

"No kidding," Zac said. "Hope it's not this hot in Australia."

"Zac!!" Ike exclaimed. "That was supposed to be a secret!"

"What?" Donna asked. "What was supposed to be a secret?"

"Can we tell her?" Tay asked as they approached the truck.

"Sure, why not?" Ike said unlocking the door. She would have found out anyway." The four got in the truck. Taylor, who was sitting in the front beside Ike twisted in his seat to face Donna.

"We want to know if you would like to come with us to Australia next month. We're going to promote the album and wed like for you to come. Everything is cleared with our parents and yours. We found out your birthday is coming up soon, so consider this your present from us."

"Oh wow!!" Donna exclaimed. "This is so awesome! I can't believe you guys!! I..." Donna paused. "Wait a sec. I can't go! I don't believe it! School starts next month!"

"Well, there's one catch to all this. You're not going to be going to school at all. Your going to be homeschooled with us," Taylor said.

"What??? How come I wasn't told this?" Donna asked, still in shock. "Well your parents told our parents and they told us. We didn't want to tell you because everyone thought you would be upset," Ike explained.

"Upset?? Are you kidding?? I'm thrilled!! No school? That's a dream come true!"

"Yeah, but you have to be homeschooled with us," Zac pointed out.

"That's fine with me," Donna said.

"So that means you will come with us to Australia?" Tay asked.

"Absolutely! I can't wait!!" Donna said as they pulled into the driveway. "But can I tell my parents?"

"Sure," Ike said as he stepped out of the truck. "But I think they were going to tell you tonight anyway. So just play dumb, because our parents would kill us if they found out we told you."

"Sure thing," Donna said. "See you guys later and thanks again!!" She ran over to her house and opened the front door.

"Hello?" she called.

"In the kitchen dear," her mother replied. Donna walked into the kitchen and found her parents sitting at the table wearing serious faces.

"Donna sit down," her father said. "Your mother and I have something to discuss with you."

"Is something wrong?" Donna asked as she sat down.

"Well, your mother and I know how much youre looking forward to going to school here. But there's been a change of plans. We were talking with Diana and Walker Hanson, and we found out they home school their children. They offered to home school you as well. We are fine with it, but we wanted to ask you before we said yes. So what do you think?"

"Well dad, I don't know. I mean, I really want to go to school here. But me and the guys get along great together. I guess I'm okay with it," Donna said in a serious voice.

"Oh good," her mother said. "Now we have some really great news! Isaac, Taylor and Zac are going to Australia soon. They invited the three of us to join them and their family on the trip. Since you won't be in school, we will be able to go. So it's up to you Donna. Do you want to go to Australia with the Hanson's?"

"Are you kidding?? Id love to go!! It sounds like a blast!" Donna exclaimed. Her parents beamed at each other.

"Okay then," her mother said. "Let me call Diana and tell her the good news!"

"I have to go call Jess!" Donna exclaimed. She pounded up the stairs to go call Jessica and tell her the good news.

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