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Chapter 19 of "Some Changes Are Good"

A few weeks later, Donna was packing to go to Australia. Taylor and Zac were over "helping" her. Ike was on a date with Jessica.

"So guys," Donna said as she placed a shirt in her suitcase. "Are you all packed and ready to go?"

"Yep," Zac said. He was playing a game on Donna's computer. "We're leaving really early tomorrow and we have to take like 20 cars to fit everyone!"

"More like 3," Tay said. He was sitting at Donna's keyboard thumbing through some sheet music.

"So what time are we leaving tomorrow?" Donna asked as she disappeared into her walk-in closet.

"Around 6 I think," Taylor said. "We're taking three cars too. Our van, our truck, and your parents car."

"Who's going where?" Donna said emerging from the closet.

"Umm...I'm not sure. I think Mom and Dad are taking the van with Jessie, Avie, and Mac. And your parents are taking the car with all the luggage in it. And Ike is going to take me, Zac, and you in the truck."

"Sounds good," Donna said as she placed a pair of shorts in her suitcase. She closed it and zipped it up. "All done," she said as she sat down on her bed. "Hey you guys better get home," she said glancing at her clock. "It's after 10."

"Uh oh," Tay said getting up. "Zac come on. We have to go."

"Come on Tay. Just one more game. Please?????" Zac jumped up and kneeled in front of Taylor. "Please please please pleeeeeease????"

"He can stay a few more minutes," Donna spoke up. "It doesn't matter."

"Zac get up. You can stay, but only for one more game," Tay said.

"Woohoo!" Zac exclaimed as he rushed back over to the computer and sat down.

"I'm going to go. I'll call you tomorrow morning a little while before we're ready to leave, okay Donna?" Donna nodded and lay down.

"Sure Tay."

"Okay bye Donna!" Taylor walked out of Donna's room and went downstairs. Donna heard the front door open and close.

"Haha!! Die sucker!!" Zac yelled. Donna got up and walked over to where Zac was sitting.

"Whatcha playing?" she asked him.

"Alien Space Invaders," Zac said concentrating on the game. A few minutes later, the words "Game Over" appeared on the screen.

"Man!!" Zac exclaimed. He turned to Donna. "Just one more game? Please?????" Donna sighed. She knew he would pull the same stunt he had with Tay, so she decided to give in.

"ONE more game Zac," she said. "Then that's it."

"All right! No wonder Taylor has a crush on you," Zac hit his head with his hand. "Oops. That was supposed to be a secret. Please don't tell Tay I told. He'll KILL me!" Donna smiled down at Zac.

"I promise, but you have to learn to keep your mouth shut Zac." Zac smiled and turned back to the computer. Donna smiled to herself and walked back over to her bed. She sat down and looked out the window. She could see Taylor looking out his window into hers. He pointed to his watch and shrugged. Donna held up 5 fingers and mouthed, "5 minutes." Taylor nodded and walked away from the window.

"Zac are you almost done?" Donna asked.

"Yeah. Let me just kill this alien. Then I win the game!"

"Okay, whatever," Donna said. A few minutes later Zac jumped up and began jumping up and down.

"I won! I won!! Woohoo!!!"

"Zac!" Donna yelled. "Be quiet! My parents are asleep."

"Oops. Sorry Donna," Zac said guiltily.

"It's okay. But you better get home before Tay comes over here personally to kill you for being so late." Zac tiptoed towards the door to Donna's bedroom. He turned around. "I love you man!" he whispered.

"Good-bye Zac," Donna said as she walked over to the door and gave Zac a little shove. "See you tomorrow." Zac waved and ran down the stairs.

Donna shook her head and shut her door. She quickly changed into a t-shirt and got into her bed. She lay awake for a while thinking about what Zac had said about Tay's crush on her. Did Tay really like her that much? Donna wasn't sure what to believe. She fell asleep a few minutes later.

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