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Chapter 20 of "Some Changes Are Good"

Donna awoke the next morning to her phone ringing. She grabbed the cordless that was on her night table and hit the Talk button.

"Hello?" she asked sleepily.

"Hey Donna. Did I wake you?"

"Oh hi Tay. No, I was just sleeping." Donna heard Taylor laugh on the other end.

"Sorry. Listen we're leaving in about a half hour. So get all your stuff in your parents car and then come on over okay?"

"Sure Taylor," Donna said. "See you then." She turned off her phone and got out of bed. Donna took a quick shower and got dressed. She picked out a light blue tank top and white cutoffs.

"Donna!!" she heard her mom yell.

"What?" Donna called.

"When are we supposed to go?"

"In about 5 minutes!" Donna yelled back. She quickly stuffed some things in her Jansport bookbag for the plane ride.

She grabbed her brush and ran it through her hair a few times. She stuffed it into her bookbag. She grabbed her Discman, a few c.d.'s, a book, some magazines, and some candy from her collection and stuffed them all in her bag. She put on her sandals and ran downstairs. Donna had already put her suitcase by the front door.

"Mom? Dad?" she called. "Are you guys ready to go?"

"You can go on over dear!" she heard her mom yell from the second floor. "We'll be right over!"

"Whatever," Donna muttered as she opened the front door. She was greeted by bright sunlight in her face. "Whoa," Donna said as she turned away. She ran back up to her room and grabbed her mirrored sunglasses off her desk. She ran back downstairs and put them on before opening the door. She grabbed her suitcase and opened the door.

"Aaahh. Much better," she said to herself as she stepped outside. She walked over to her parents car and threw the suitcase beside her parents' into the trunk. She walked next door and knocked on the Hanson's front door. A little girl opened the door. Donna took off her glasses.

"Hi Avie," she said. "How are you?" she asked the 6-year old.

"Okay," the little girl answered. "Come on in." Donna stepped inside and shut the door behind her.

"Thanks. Do you know where Ike, Tay, and Zac are?" Avie pointed to the stairs. "Okay thanks Avie," Donna said as she began walking up the stairs. She passed Diana along the way.

"Oh hello Donna," she said.

"Hi Mrs. Hanson. My parents will be over in a few minutes."

"Okay. The boys are in their bedroom," she said.

"Okay thanks," Donna said as she continued up the steps. She walked down the hall and stopped at the doorway to the guys room.

"Hey guys," she said as she stepped into the room and sat down on the floor. Ike was sitting at the desk writing something. Tay was laying on his bed with his eyes closed. Zac was playing Nintendo 64.

"Hey Ike what are you writing?" Donna asked.

"A letter to Jess," he answered.

"But we haven't even left yet!" Donna exclaimed.

"I'm going to send it when we get to Australia," Ike replied.

"Oh ok. Tay alive?" Donna asked as she got up and walked over to the bed. "Tay," she said as she sat down. She sat down and shook his leg. "Taylor wake up," she said. Taylor slowly opened his eyes and spotted Donna at the foot of his bed.

"Oh hi Donna," he said sitting up. "When did you get here?"

"A few minutes ago," Donna answered. "So feeling a little tired Tay?" Taylor rubbed his eyes. "Yeah. I guess I fell asleep or something. I'm not exactly a morning person," Tay said sleepily.

"You and me both," Donna said. "In fact I think I'll take a little cat nap myself. Ike can I borrow your bed?" Donna asked. Isaac nodded absentmindedly. Donna climbed up to the top bunk and lay down.

"So when are we leaving?" she asked Taylor.

"In about 10 minutes," he answered. Donna shut her eyes. A few minutes later, she heard her parents voices. Donna opened her eyes.

"Isaac, Taylor, Zac, Donna!" Donna heard Walker Hanson yell up the stairs. "We're leaving!" Donna jumped down and woke up Taylor.

"Come on Tay," she said shaking him. "We're leaving." Taylor gradually woke up and followed the others downstairs.

"Hello boys," Donna's mother said. "I don't believe we have been formally introduced. My name is Mary Wilson, and this is my husband Jon," she said pointing to Donna's father. The three boys shook hands in turn with Donna's parents.

"Okay then, does everyone know who they are going with?" Walker asked. Everyone nodded. "Okay. Everyone load their stuff into the Wilson's car."

10 minutes later, everything had been loaded in, and everyone was ready to go. Walker pulled out of the driveway first, Donna's parents followed them, and Isaac pulled out last. "Hey Ike," Donna said.

"About how far to the airport?"

"About a half hour," Isaac answered. Donna leaned back and put on her sunglasses. Zac, who was sitting next to her, stared at Donna.

"What?" Donna asked.

"I can see myself in your glasses, so I wanted to see if my hair was ok," Zac explained. Donna laughed and took off the glasses. She reached over and tousled Zac's hair.

"There," she said. "Now it looks perfect!"

"Good. I must look perfect for all my adoring fans," Zac said grandly.

"Get real Zac," Tay said from the front seat. Donna leaned back and stared at the passing scenery.

About 20 minutes later, Ike pulled into the huge airport parking lot. He turned off the engine and everyone got out. Everyone except the little kids grabbed all the suitcases. The group entered the big building and went through the procedure involved with checking the luggage and getting on the plane. Soon everyone was settled on the plane. Ike and Zac sat beside each other, Walker, Diana, Tim, Linda, Jessie, Avery, and Mackenzie took up the center room, and Donna and sat in the two seats on the other end of the row. Donna took out her Discman and put on her headphones. She reclined the seat back and closed her eyes.

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