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Chapter 22 of "Some Changes are Good"

The ride to the hotel was pretty uneventful. The group had packed into 2 rented vans and were squished in pretty well. When they arrived at the hotel, they were greeted by a crowd of screaming fans.

"Oh no," Taylor muttered under his breath.

"How could they have found out you guys were staying here?" Donna asked.

Isaac shrugged and said, "Just run as fast as you can into the hotel."

Everyone bolted out of the van and into the hotel. Security kept the screaming fans from following them in. A few minutes later, everyone had reached the top floor. They needed 4 hotel rooms to fit everyone. The first room would be occupied by Donna's parents and the room adjoining to theirs would be used by Walker, Diana, and Mackenzie. Donna, Jessica, and Avery shared a room that adjoined to Ike, Tay, and Zac's room. Donna threw her suitcase on one of the double beds and lay down. She suddenly heard a knock at the door that led to the guys room. She got up and opened the door. Zac was standing there with a grin on his face.

"Hey Donna. Long time no see," he exclaimed as he ran past Donna and began jumping on one of the beds.

"Zac!" Donna said. "Why can't you jump on your bed?"

"No room!" Zac yelled. Donna glanced into the guys room and gasped. There were clothes all over the floor and bed. Ike was attempting to put some of his clothes into a dresser. Taylor was sprawled on one of the beds, watching t.v.

"Guys!" Donna exclaimed. "What happened?" Taylor rolled over and glanced around the room.

"Well, we wanted to get all of our stuff out of our suitcases, and then put everything away," he said.

"Need some help?" Donna asked.

"Sure!" Ike said as he walked over to the closet. Donna leaned into her hotel room, where Zac was still jumping up and down.

"Zac help us put everything away," she said as she began picking clothes up off the floor. Zac ran in and began doing the same. About 20 minutes later, the floor was visible, and most of the clothes were put away. Zac fell onto one of the beds, exhausted. Donna sat down in an armchair.

"So now what can we do?" Tay asked. Donna shrugged. Zac sat bolt upright.

"Let's go swimming!" he exclaimed. Ike glanced at his watch.

"Sure," he said. "We have a few hours before we have to do anything."

"Yes!!" Zac yelled as he jumped up.

"You in, Donna?" Taylor asked.

"Sure," Donna said as she headed towards the door. "Let me just go get my suit on." Donna shut the door and quickly changed into her bathing suit. She grabbed a towel from her suitcase and knocked on the door.

"Come on in!" she heard Ike yell. Donna opened the door and stepped into the room. Ike was standing by the door, ready to go. Tay was looking through the dresser for his towel, and Zac was running around looking for a shirt.

Finally, when everyone was ready, the four let the adults know where they would be, and headed down to the pool. Upon entering the indoor pool room, they were greeted by the strong scent of chlorine. The pool was surprisingly empty. Zac immediately took his shirt off and jumped right in. Taylor and Donna did the same, and Ike climbed down the ladder. The four fooled around for a while, having chicken fights and swimming races. Isaac seemed to hang back though. Donna noticed this and swam over to him.

"Ike, what's wrong?" she asked.

"Oh nothing," Ike replied. "I guess I just miss Jess."

"Oh I'm sorry," Donna said sympathetically. "Why don't you call her?" Isaac smiled.

"Should I?" he asked. Donna nodded enthusiastically.

"Absolutely!" she exclaimed. "I bet she'd love to hear from you, and it would make you feel better."

"Great!" Ike said as he got out of the pool and dried off. "You guys don't mind if I leave?" Donna shook her head. "Not at all. We'll be up soon anyway."

"Okay, see you in a little while!" Isaac exclaimed as he ran back to the room. Donna smiled to herself, then felt someone push her under. She came up sputtering and spotted Zac swimming away.

"You're gonna get it Zac!" Donna yelled as she swam after him.

About a half hour later, Donna, Tay, and Zac were walking back to the room.

"Wait," Tay said. "Where's Ike?"

"Oh he went back to the room a little while ago. He wanted to call Jess," Donna said.

"Oh okay," Tay said. Donna followed the guys into the hotel room. Ike was just hanging up the phone. He had a smile on his face.

"Feel better Ike?" Donna asked. He nodded.

"Thanks for the idea Donna," he said.

"No prob," Donna said. "So what's on the agenda tonight?"

"Well, we have a press conference we have to leave for in about a half hour," Ike said.

"A half hour?" Donna exclaimed. "I have to get ready!" Donna ran over to the door and opened it. She stepped into her room and shut the door behind her. Jessica and Avery were sitting on the floor, playing with barbies.

"Hi Jess. Hi Avery," Donna said as she grabbed some clothes from her suitcase.

"Hi Donna," the girls said in unison.

"Will you play with us?" Jessica asked.

"Sorry Jess," Donna said as she walked over to the bathroom. "I have to get ready to go. Maybe later." Donna took a quick shower and got dressed. She blow-dried her hair and put on some makeup. When she was satisfied with her appearance, she stepped out of the bathroom. The girls were still playing.

"So," Donna said as she walked up to them and struck a pose. "How do I look?"

"You look pretty!" Avery exclaimed.

"Yeah, like a princess," Jessie said. "Well I wouldn't go that far," Donna said as she put on a pair of shoes. She walked over to the door and knocked lightly.

"Come on in Donna!" she heard Taylor say. Donna opened the door and observed the room. Isaac was coming out of the bathroom, drying his hair. Zac was sitting in front of the t.v., and Tay was standing in front of the mirror combing his hair. All the guys were wearing pants and nice shirts.

"Wow Donna. You look great!" Taylor exclaimed.

"Really? I'm not overdressed am I?" Donna had picked out a light green dress with spaghetti-strap sleeves and a pair of basic black shoes.

"No way!" he said. "You look perfect."

"Thanks," Donna said and smiled at him. Taylor blushed and looked down. "So is everyone ready to go?" Donna asked.

"I think so," Ike said. "Guys?" Tay and Zac nodded. "Then let's go!"

Chapter 23: