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Chapter 26 of "Some Changes are Good"

"Zac get off of me!" Donna exclaimed. It was late and she was tired and not in the mood to deal with Zac's antics.

"Fine!" Zac exclaimed as he jumped over the seat and sat down. Taylor got into the van and sat beside Donna.

They had just finished performing and were trying to get situated in the large white van the families had rented. Walker was driving, and Donna's father was in the passenger seat. Donna's mother, Diana, Avery and Mackie occupied the next seat back. (The kids sat on the adults laps.) Isaac, Zac and Jessica took the next seat back, and Donna and Taylor grabbed the furthest seat back. It was after 10:30 and everyone was exhausted. Donna closed her eyes and dozed off as Walker started the engine. Taylor glanced at Donna and saw she was asleep. He tried to take a nap as well, but was unsuccessful. He knew that the ride back to the hotel would take at least a half hour. Donna suddenly fell over in her sleep, causing her head to land on Taylor's shoulder. She didn't wake up though. Taylor just let her lay her head there, not wanting to wake her. Isaac, who was just drifting off to sleep, gave Tay a thumbs-up sign. Taylor nodded and lay back. Donna slept for most of the ride, until the van hit a bump. She woke with a start and was surprised to find she was leaning on Taylor's shoulder. She straightened up and smiled.

"Sorry Tay," she said. Taylor shrugged.

"It's ok," he whispered, motioning to the sleeping passengers. Donna dropped her voice to a whisper.

"By the way, you guys did really good tonight," she said.

"Thanks," Taylor replied. Donna and Tay made small talk until they arrived back at the hotel. Donna and Taylor woke Ike and Jessica, who had been sound asleep. Everyone dragged themselves out of the van and back up to the hotel rooms. There, everyone said goodnight, and went to their rooms to get some sleep.

Chapter 27: