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Chapter 29 of "Some Changes Are Good"

"Why does he keep looking at me?" Donna asked herself as Taylor turned away. She shrugged and closed her eyes again.

The next time she opened them, the van was pulling into the airport parking lot. Donna put away her Discman and followed the rest of the group out of the van once it had been parked. She sighed, knowing it would a long flight home.

6 hours later, the plane was just landing. Donna, who was sitting next to Taylor on the plane, stretched and yawned.

"It is so good to be home," she commented to Taylor. He nodded in agreement.

"I can't wait to get back to the house," he said. Soon, the group was walking through the parking lot towards where they had parked the cars. Everyone loaded their luggage into the Wilson's car and got into the same vehicles they had been in before. Donna squeezed in next to Taylor and shut the truck door. Isaac started the engine, and Zac turned the radio on. Fiona Apple's "Criminal" was playing. Donna leaned back in the seat and pulled her sunglasses out of her bookbag. She put them on. "Criminal" ended and "MMMBop" began playing.

"Woohoo!!" Zac exclaimed as he turned the radio up. Ike, Tay, Donna and Zac sang along with the song. It was just ending as Ike pulled into the Hanson's driveway. Donna spotted Jessica sitting on the front stoop. She jumped up and ran over to the van. Donna got out of the truck and gave her a big hug.

"Jess! We missed you so much!" Donna exclaimed.

"It's so great that you're back!" Jess said. She and Isaac embraced.

"Jess you have no idea how much I missed you," Ike said as he kissed her. Zac made a face and stuck out his tongue.

"Yuck. Go do that somewhere else Ike," he said disgustedly. Jess and Ike just laughed. Taylor emerged from the truck.

"Hey Jess!" he said.

"Hi Tay. How was your trip?" Jess asked.

"It was awesome!" Taylor exclaimed. "But there was no time to rollerblade. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going blading right now," Taylor said as he began to walk towards the house. "Who's with me?" he asked.

"I'll go," Jess said.

"Yeah count me in," Donna said as she began walking towards her house.

"Me too!" Zac yelled.

"I guess that means I have to come too," Ike said with a smile.

"Okay. Everyone get their blades and meet back here in 5 minutes!" Taylor yelled. "Ready? GO!"

Everyone rushed off to get their blades. And within 5 minutes, everyone had met back, wearing rollerblades.

"Let's go!" Donna exclaimed as she began blading down the road, followed by the rest of the group.

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