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Chapter 30 of "Some Changes Are Good"

About 2 hours later, 4 weary teens walked up the Hanson driveway, rollerblades slung over their shoulders. Zac, on the other hand, bladed up the driveway and attempted a 360. He got about halfway around and fell on his butt. He stayed there and took off his blades. Donna, Ike, Taylor, and Jess sat in the driveway.

"Whew. I'm exhausted," Ike said. Donna lay back.

"You and me both," Jess said. "So are you guys home for a while?"

"Actually, no," Taylor said. "We're leaving for London on Sunday. We're going to be shooting the new video there."

"Oh what's your next single?" Jess asked.

"Where's the Love," Ike replied.

"I don't know. Where?" Jess joked. Donna sat upright.

"Wait did you say you're leaving Sunday?" she asked Taylor. He nodded. "My birthday is that Monday thought!" Donna said.

"It is?" Taylor asked. "Oh man. I'm sorry Donna," Taylor said. "I can't believe we're going to miss your birthday!" Donna frowned.

"Oh well. It's not the end of the world. I'll have more," she said. "You better call me though." Taylor smiled.

"I promise I'll call you," he said.

"Okay good," Donna said smiling as well.

"Well I better get home guys," Jess said standing up. "Later. I'll talk to you guys before you leave." Jess began walking home. Donna got up.

"I better go too. I think we're eating soon," she said as she began walking over to her house.

"Later Donna. We'll call you tomorrow," Taylor said. Donna nodded and opened her front door. She walked in and closed it behind her.

"Mom?" she yelled. She walked forward and almost tripped over her suitcase, which was in the hallway. She side-stepped it, and walked into the kitchen. Her mom was stirring something on the stovetop.

"What's for dinner?" Donna asked as she sat down.

"Stew," her mother answered.

"Well, it smells great," Donna said as she grabbed an apple from the fruit basket on the table. She took a bite and began to walk out of the kitchen.

"I'll call you when dinner is ready," Donna's mother said. Donna nodded and began ascending up the staircase.

Donna entered her room and shut the door. She tossed the apple core in the wastebasket next to her desk and walked over to her stereo. She turned on the c.d. player and popped in her Fiona Apple c.d. She switched to random and turned up the volume as "Shadowboxer" began to play. Donna walked over to her desk and pulled out some paper and a pencil. She wrote Lindsay a long letter, telling her about her trip to Australia. She signed it and folded the paper, and placed it on her desk. Donna began to sing along to the song that was playing, "Criminal".

Chapter 31: