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Chapter 37 of "Some Changes Are Good"

Donna awoke the next morning to the phone ringing. She groped for her phone, which was somewhere on her night table. She found it and hit the talk button.

"Hello?" she asked sleepily.

"Donna. It's Josh," the voice on the other end said. Donna sat upright.

"Josh!" she exclaimed angrily. "I told you I never wanted to see you or hear from again!"

"I know," Josh said. "But I want to apologize. I am so sorry. I promise I'll never hit you again. We can work things out Donna. I promise things will be better. Just give me another chance."

"No way Josh. I hate you and don't want to have anything to do with you. Ever. So just try to get that through your thick head. And don't even THINK about calling me back!"

Donna threw the phone down and put her head in her hands. The phone rang a few seconds later. Donna picked it up.

"God damnit Josh!" she yelled. "I told you not to call me!"

"Ummm...Donna?" the voice on the other end said. "This is Taylor." Donna eyes widened.

"Oops. Sorry Taylor. Josh just got me fired up I guess."

"No problem. Listen. I have some good news, and some bad news," Taylor said.

"Good news first," Donna said immediately.

"Okay. The good news is that Ike, Zac, and me are going to L.A. with my dad in a few days. We're going to be on the Conan O'Brien Show!"

"Taylor that is awesome!" Donna exclaimed. "So what's the bad news?"

"Well, we asked dad if you could come, but he said no."

"That's it?" Donna asked. "Taylor that's no big deal. I'll just watch you guys on t.v."

"You sure?" Taylor asked.

"Absolutely," Donna replied.

"Okay cool. you want to do something today?"

"Sure," Donna said. "What did you have in mind?"

"How about we go rollerblading at the school?" Taylor asked.

"That sounds great," Donna said.

"Oh yeah. Is it ok if Ike and Zac come too?" Taylor asked.

"Of course!" Donna said. "I'll get my blades and come right over."

"Okay. Bye Donna," Taylor said. Donna hung up the phone and quickly got dressed. She went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she was finished, she ran down the stairs and opened the front closet. She took out her rollerblades and slung them over her shoulder. She opened the front door and stepped outside. She closed the door behind her and ran next door.

Chapter 38: