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Chapter 40 of "Some Changes Are Good"

Five days later, Donna was sitting in her bedroom, watching t.v. It was around 7:00, and she was waiting for Jess to come over. They were going to watch the Conan O'Brien Shoe together, then she was going to sleep over. Donna heard the front door open and Jess appeared at the door a few seconds later holding a sleeping bag and a bookbag.

"Hey Jess," Donna said when Jess entered the room.

"Hi Donna. Where should I put this stuff?" Donna shrugged.

"Wherever," she said. Jess put her stuff next to Donna's dresser and sat on the floor.

"So what are you watching?" she asked.

"Some stupid movie," Donna replied. They watched the movie for about 10 minutes. "You're right," Jess said. "This is stupid."

"I'll see what else is on," Donna said as she picked up the remote. She flipped through the channels until she found a fairly decent show.

"What time is Conan on?" Jess asked.

"10:30," Donna replied.

Jess and Donna watched t.v. for a few hours and talked. Finally, at around 10:25, Donna switched to channel 4. A few minutes later, the show started. Conan went through his usual opening act, then said which guests would be on the show that night. Then a commercial came on. Donna yawned.

"I hope they come on soon," she commented. "I'm getting tired."

"You and me both," Jess said. The show came back on, and Conan introduced his first guest. It wasn't Hanson. So Donna and Jess got ready for bed. Just as Donna got into her bed, and Jess got into her sleeping bag, Conan was announcing his next guest.

"...pop recording group Hanson performing a song off their album Middle of Nowhere. Ladies and Gentlemen, Hanson!"

Donna and Jess cheered when a curtain rose, and the guys began to sing Where's the Love. They did a great job, and when they were finished, they walked over to where Conan's desk was and sat down on the provided couch. Conan asked them the basic questions about their age, how they got started, and so on. Then the big question.

"So guys with all this popularity, you must have at least 100 girlfriends each, right?" The audience laughed, and Isaac shook his head.

"Actually we're all single. No girlfriends," he said.

"No girlfriends?" Conan asked incredulously.

"Nope," Taylor said. Donna turned to Jess.

"What was that all about?" she asked. "No girlfriends?"

"Well, every single Hanson fan is probably watching this. And if they said they had girlfriends, do you know how many fans they would probably lose? They just want to keep their fans happy," Jess explained.

"Oh okay," Donna said as she turned off the t.v.

"Night Jess," she said as she turned off the light.

"Goodnight Donna," Jess said.

Chapter 41: