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Chapter 42 of "Some Changes Are Good"

Two days later, Donna was settling into her seat on the airplane. She took her Discman and the latest issue of Seventeen out of her bookbag. She put the earphones on and waited for the music of Jewel to begin playing. Once "Who Will Save Your Soul" began to play, Donna opened her magazine and began reading. She became engrossed in an article about abusive relationships. Donna shook her head as she read it, still unable to believe what had happened with Josh. Donna closed the magazine and looked out the airplane window. She sighed and glanced at her watch. Only an hour had gone by. Donna would normally sleep at a time like this, but she was too nervous and upset about Taylor. Donna brushed a stray tear away. She reached back into her bookbag and pulled out a pen and her journal. She opened the book and began writing.

"October 14 - Today is the worst day of my life. Even worse than the day I found out I was moving. It's Tay. He was in an accident and is seriously injured. I feel so empty and alone now, knowing he's in pain. I never realized how much love could hurt. I guess I really do love Tay. I wasn't sure at first, but now it is obvious. I just hope he will be okay."

Donna heard the captain saying they were preparing to land. She quickly finished her entry and put the journal, the pen, and her Discman back into her bookbag. She buckled her seatbelt and prepared to land. Isaac was going to pick her up at the airport, in front of the luggage carousal. The plane skidded to a stop, and Donna stood up and proceeded to follow the other passengers off the airplane. Upon entering the large building, Donna glanced around, searching for Ike. She spotted him waving to her from across the room. Donna ran over to where he was standing and hugged him. Isaac hugged her back, until Donna pushed away.

"How's Taylor?" she asked.

"Well hello to you too," Isaac said sarcastically as he grabbed Donna's suitcase off the luggage pickup carousal.

"Ike, come on," Donna said as she grabbed her other suitcase and began walking towards the exit. "Is he any better?" Isaac shrugged.

"He's still the same. In a coma, you know. But the doctor's think he'll live." Donna followed Isaac through the parking lot and over to his truck. Donna threw her things in the backseat and hopped into the front.

"Do you want to go to the hospital or hotel first?" Isaac asked as he started the engine.

"Hospital," Donna said immediately. "I need to see Taylor."

Chapter 43: