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Chapter 48 of "Some Changes Are Good"

About 5 hours later, the Hanson's van pulled into their driveway. Ike pulled in right behind in his truck. Everyone piled out of the vehicles. Isaac helped Taylor out of his truck and handed him the crutches. Donna walked up to Diana and gave her a hug.

"Thank you so much," she said to her and Walker. "I really appreciate you letting me come out to L.A. to be with Taylor."

"Don't mention it sweetie," Diana said. "Now why don't you go on home. I bet your parents are eager to see you." Donna nodded and walked over to Ike's truck. She pulled her suitcase out of the backseat and ran over to her house.

"I'll see you guys later!" she yelled as she opened the front door. "I'm home!" Donna yelled upon entering her house. She was greeted by silence. Donna knew that her parents were at work. She dropped her suitcase on the floor and pounded up the stairs to her room.

Donna shut the door behind her and walked over to her dresser. She turned on her c.d. player and sorted through her c.d. collection. She pulled out "Middle of Nowhere" and popped it in the player. A few seconds later, "Thinking of You" was blasting from the speakers. Donna switched to track 9, and began to hum along to "I Will Come To You" as she walked over to her bed and lay down. A minute or two later, Donna heard a faint ringing. She quickly turned down her stereo and ran over to her desk. She picked the cordless phone off its base and turned it on. "Hello?" she asked breathlessly.

"Donna? It's Tay," the voice on the other end said.

"Hi Tay!" Donna said happily as she walked over to her window and peered out it. She spotted Taylor looking back at her from his window. Donna waved, and Taylor waved back. "So what's up?" Donna asked as she sat on her bed.

"Oh nothing. I was just wondering if you wanted to do something tonight," Taylor said.

"Id love to!" Donna said. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well...I can't really do much, but I was thinking maybe we could go over to the school and just hang out. I just want to spend some time with you," Taylor said.

"That's sweet Tay," Donna said. "It's a date. I'll come over in about an hour, ok?"

"All right. See you then," Taylor said.

"Bye Tay," Donna said as she hung up the phone. She walked over to her door and headed towards the bathroom to take a quick shower.

20 minutes later, Donna entered her room with a towel wrapped around her. She crossed the room and closed the blinds on her window. Donna turned her stereo back on and found a good station on the radio. She walked over to her closet and pulled out a white t-shirt. She put it on and grabbed a long sleeved gray thermal shirt to wear over it. Donna grabbed her favorite pair of jeans from the bottom of the closet and pulled them on. She picked up her Doc Martens and put them on. Donna walked across the room and quickly brushed her damp hair into a ponytail. She secured it with a black scrunchie, and walked over to her stereo to turn it off. Donna turned off the light and walked down the stairs. She glanced at the clock in the family room and saw that she still had 20 minutes she was to go over to see Taylor. Donna sat on the couch, grabbed the remote from the coffee table, and turned the t.v. on.

Chapter 49: