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Chapter 49 of "Some Changes Are Good"

Donna had been watching t.v. for about 15 minutes, when the front door opened, and her parents walked in.

"Hi mom. Hi dad," Donna said, her eyes glued to the t.v.

"Donna, can we talk to you?" her father asked.

"Sure," Donna said as she turned off the television set. "What's up?" she asked as her parents sat down on either side of her.

"Donna," her mother began. "Your father and I have made a very serious decision. We...haven't been getting along lately. And.." Donna cut her mother off.

"What do you mean not getting along?" she asked in a confused voice. "You guys get along fine."

"No," her father said. "We argue a lot. Mainly over little things. The major thing is location. I really want to move back to Jersey. But your mother wants to stay here."

"So are you saying we're moving again?" Donna asked fearfully.

"No..." her mother said. "But your father is. Honey, you're father and I are separating. Things just aren't working out. We tried, but..."

"Wait a sec," Donna interrupted. "You guys are getting a divorce??"

"No, not a divorce," her father said. "Just a separation. I'm moving back to New Jersey, and your mother is staying here." Donna felt the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Oh this is great," she said sarcastically, holding back her tears. "Just great. First you ruin my life by making me move. Now this? And right after this thing with Taylor too. You know, after I knew Taylor was going to be ok, I thought my life was actually going to be better. I thought, 'Gee, I have parents that love me and each other, a great group of friends, I live in a nice house in a nice town ; What can go wrong?' But nooooo. You guys can't deal with your problems! YOU can't work things out!! Well fine! Go your separate ways. But I'll tell you right now, I hate you. Both of you! You're terrible parents, and I hate you!!"

Donna ran out of the room, crying. She pulled open the front door, and ran next door. She sat on the front stoop of the Hanson's house and sobbed. She sat and cried. still unable to believe how terrible her life was.

Chapter 50: Last Chapter!!!