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Chapter 5 of "Some Changes Are Good"

Only a few weeks had gone by, yet it had seemed like years to Donna. She and her family were leaving for Tulsa in a few minutes. Donna was standing in her now empty bedroom, looking around. She sighed and silently said goodbye to her room. She trudged down the stairs and into the main hallway. She took one last look around the house, closed the front door, and went over to the car, where her parents were waiting for her. They were going to drive to Oklahoma, so Donna had to find something to do for the next 6 hours. So she pulled out a book and began reading. After about one hour of reading, Donna dozed off. She awoke to the sound of her mothers voice.

"Donna, wake up. We're almost there." Donna rubbed her eyes and glanced out the car window.

"How much farther?" she asked.

"About 5 minutes," her father answered. Donna took out her compact and examined her reflection. Her green eyes looked dull and her mouth seemed to be permanently turned downward. Donna hadn't smiled in the longest time. Even the going-away party her friends had thrown for her hadn't cheered Donna up.

"Here we are!" Donna's father said happily.

Donna looked and saw a fairly large old looking house. The moving truck was already in the driveway, being unloaded. The car stopped, and Donna steeped out and stretched. She looked around and saw there were two girls and a little boy playing tag in the yard next door. Their screams and laughter made Donna's head pound. She grabbed her bookbag and followed her parents inside the house.

The house was pretty old, and smelled musty. Donna walked slowly up the staircase, and explored the 2nd floor. She found a master bedroom, a bathroom, and another bedroom. Donna climbed a 2nd flight of stairs, and was delighted to find she would have her own floor again. The 3rd floor consisted of a small bathroom, a guest bedroom, and a larger bedroom.

Donna stepped inside the larger bedroom and immediately decided it would be her room. It was a very bright room, with a lot of windows. Donna walked over to the window facing the house next door and looked out it. She saw another window right across from her. She also noticed there was someone looking back at her. It was a guy who looked just about Donna's age. The guy quickly vanished from the window.

"That's strange," Donna thought to herself. She dropped her bookbag on the floor, to show it was her room, and ran downstairs. "Mom, Dad! I'm going for a walk!!" Donna yelled as she stepped back outside.

She walked down the driveway, and started down the street. She came to the end of the road, and turned to the right. Donna then walked down the next street over. She noticed a girl about her age playing basketball in a driveway. The girl noticed her and waved. Donna walked over to her.

"Hi!" the girl said. "I havenít seen you around here, did you just move?"

"Yeah, the next street over," Donna answered.

"Cool. My name's Jessica, but everyone calls me Jess," the girl said. "What's your name?"

"Donna," Donna answered.

"So, how do you like Oklahoma?" Jess asked Donna.

"It seems pretty boring to me. And also pretty loud too. There's 3 kids next door to us, and they are pretty loud." Donna said.

"Wait. What's your address?" Jess asked. Donna told her, and Jess smiled.

"Those kids were Jess, Avery and Mackie! Yeah, they're pretty wild, but you should meet their older brother, Zac. Now HE'S crazy!" Jess said and laughed.

"You mean there are more kids?" Donna groaned.

"Oh yeah! There are 6 kids all together. The oldest is Isaac, he's 16, Taylor is 14, Zac is 11, Jess is 8, Avery is 6, and Mackie is 3. Hey, have you met them yet?" Donna shook her head. "Well come on! I'll introduce you. I know the really well."

Jess put down the basketball and the two girls started walking towards Donna's house, Jess talking the whole time. Jess reminded Donna of Lindsay.

"Here we are!" Jess exclaimed. Donna followed her into the house next door to hers. A pretty woman appeared, holding the same young boy Donna had seen earlier.

"Hello," she said. "You must be one of our new neighbors. I'm Diana Hanson." Donna smiled and nodded.

"Come on," Jess said. "I'll introduce you to Ike, Tay and Zac. They are the ones closest to our ages. Wait, how old are you?"

"14," Donna answered.

"Okay, me too." Donna followed Jess down into the basement. She saw three guys.

The one who seemed to be the oldest was pretty tall with curly light brown hair. He was holding an electric guitar. The youngest looking one was sitting behind a set of drums, pounding his heart out. "That MUST be Zac," Donna thought. Her eyes moved over to a guy who looked about her age. She recognized him as the person who she had seen at the window before. He was pretty good looking, with long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Their eyes met, and the guy blushed and looked down.

"Hey guys! I want to...." Jess was barely heard over Zac's drums.

"ZAC!!!!!" Jess and the other two guys yelled. Zac jumped and stopped drumming. He looked startled.

"WHAT?????" he yelled equally as loud.

"Quiet. Guys, this is Donna. She just moved in next door."

The guys all stared at her for a second, then the guy with the electric guitar walked up to her. "Hi," he said. "My name's Isaac, but everyone calls me Ike."

Donna smiled. Right off, she liked Ike. He seemed pretty nice, and easy to talk to. A loud bang interrupted Donna's thoughts. Everyone looked over to where Zac was. Zac wasn't sitting at the drums anymore. He was sitting on the floor. He had fallen, but wasn't hurt. He was sitting there, with a silly grin on his face. Donna giggled. Zac jumped up and ran over to Donna, almost running into her.

"Hello, hi, how are you?" he said quickly. Donna shook her head and turned to Jess.

"This is Zac, right?" she asked. Jess nodded and smiled. "How much sugar has he had today?" Donna asked. Everyone laughed. Donna turned back to Zac and said

"Nice to meet you Zac." She looked over to the guy standing by the keyboard.

"Tay, aren't you going to introduce yourself?" Ike asked. Tay walked over to Donna and mumbled something like, ďI'm Taylor. Nice to meet you."

"I don't think she heard you." Zac taunted. Tay repeated himself only louder. He looked up at Donna. His blue eyes were so startling, Donna gasped.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing," Donna said smiling. "Nice to meet you too." Tay nodded. Everyone was quiet, except for Zac, who was humming.

"So," Donna said. "You guys are a band?"

Ike and Tay nodded and Zac said in a weird voice, "Yes. We are HANSON!!!!" Everyone laughed.

"Hey guys, why don't you play something for Donna?" Jess asked. The guys obediently walked over to their instruments. Ike began playing the opening bars to a song that seemed familiar to Donna. Zac started pounding on the drums, and Tay started on the keyboard. Soon, Tay started singing. Donna gasped. Taylor had the most beautiful voice Donna had ever heard. She sat on a couch beside Jess, mesmerized. About halfway through the song, Donna realized that the guys were the same ones Donna and Lindsay had heard on the radio and thought were girls!

"Boy were we wrong," Donna thought. The song soon ended, and Donna and Jess stood up clapping. "That was really great!" Donna exclaimed. "You guys are really good!"

"Thanks," the guys said. Donna looked at her watch. "Uh oh," she said. "I was supposed to be home 10 minutes ago. I gotta go. It was nice meeting you guys."

The guys nodded and Ike said, "We'll probably see you around. Hey, I have an idea. How about tomorrow me, Tay, Zac and Jess show you around town?" Donna smiled.

"That sounds great!" she said.

"Okay, how about you come over around 11, okay?" Ike asked her. "Okay, see you then!" Donna said as she ran up the stairs. She opened the front door, closed it, and ran back over to her house.

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