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Chapter 8 of "Some Changes Are Good"

Donna got up and walked over to her desk. She sat down and took out a piece of paper and a pencil. She began writing.

"Dear Linds, Hi! What's up in Jersey? Tulsa is pretty cool, surprisingly. I have made 4 new friends. But you're still my best friend, so don't worry! Anyway, one of them is just like you. Her name is Jessica. She's pretty nice. Now the big news ; remember when we heard that song, "MMMBop" at my house? And we thought it was a girl group? Well we were wrong. It's a group of guys, and they live next door! The three oldest ones in the family are the members of the band, Hanson. They are my other friends. Isaac, who is 16, is really nice. He's like the brother I never had. Zac, who is 11, is soooo funny! He is extremely hyper, and is a total sweetheart! And I saved the best for last. Taylor, who is 14, is a great guy. He is good-looking, and has a personality very similar to mine. He is the only guy my age that I am comfortable talking to. I am not lying! I know I couldn't talk to Chris, but Taylor is so easy to talk to! How is Chris anyway? If you see him tell I say hi. Well, that's about it. Tomorrow I am going with the guys to introduce them at a gig at the local mall. I'll let you know how it goes. Say hi to all my friends and write back soon!! Mt address is on the envelope. Love you Lots, Donna."

Donna folded the letter and stuck it in an envelope. She licked the envelope shut and addressed it to Lindsay, and wrote her return address in the corner. Donna got up and glanced out the window again. The window across from hers was lit, and she could see the three guys in their bedroom. Ike was strumming a guitar, Zac was playing Nintendo, and Tay was laying on his bed, which was right next to the window. She realized he could look right into Donna's room. So she closed her blinds and quickly changed into a tee-shirt and a pair of umbros.

Donna turned off her light and walked over to her bed. She climbed into her bed and looked at her clock. It read 10:05. Donna rolled over in her bed and opened the blinds. She watched Ike turn off the light and climb up to the top of the bunk bed. Zac was still playing Nintendo. She saw a pillow fly down from the top bunk and hit Zac in the head. Donna giggled. She guessed Ike wanted Zac to turn off the Nintendo and go to sleep. So Zac turned off the t.v. and fell onto the bed that was on the floor. Their room was now dark. Donna rolled back over and set her alarm for 9:00. She then closed her eyes. She was asleep within minutes.

Chapter 9: