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Chapter 2 - "First Kiss"

“Ray you promised you wouldn’t do that!” Taylor complained.

Rayne stuck her tongue out at her friend and turned back to the video game the two were playing.

“Well I quit,” Taylor said, tossing his controller to the floor and laying back. Rayne imitated his actions, except she lay on her stomach beside him.

“You want to sleep over tonight?” Taylor asked.

“Sure,” Rayne said. “As long as Zac stays away from me.”

“Yeah. The last time you stayed over, he was a total pain,” Taylor said. “We can stay in my room though, ‘cause Zac’s been sleeping in my parents room the past week.”

“Why?” Rayne asked curiously.

“I think he’s heaving bad dreams about the monster under his bed or something.”

“Oh,” Rayne said. “Okay that sounds good.”

“Let’s just hope Ike isn’t talking about girls and stuff again tonight,” Taylor said. “Last night he kept me up half the night talking about kissing.” He made a face.

“I don’t see what the big deal is with kissing,” Rayne said.

“It’s gross,” Taylor stated.

“Have you ever tried it?” Rayne shot back.

“” Taylor said. “But I’m almost positive I’ll never want to.”

“I don’t know,” Rayne said, staring at the ceiling. “I mean, how bad can it be? It’s not like it can kill you.”

Taylor sat up and looked at Rayne.

“Maybe we should try it,” he said.

Rayne looked up at him.

“Why?” she asked. “You just said yourself that it’s disgusting. And besides...I don’t know how to.”

“Me either,” Taylor said. “Ike showed me once with his pillow though.”

“Ew that’s gross,” Rayne said.

“Yeah,” Taylor said. “He said it was good practice though, for when you have to really do it.”

“Have you ever practiced?” Rayne asked.

Taylor nodded. “A few times,” he said. He thought for a second, then grabbed Rayne’s arm. “Sit up,” he instructed.

Rayne sat up and faced Taylor, sitting Indian style. “I want to try it,” Taylor said.

“Okay,” Rayne said. “What do we do?”

“Just....” Taylor paused. “Sit there and close your eyes.”

Rayne closed her eyes tightly. She felt Taylor place his hand on the back of her neck and bring her face towards his. Rayne felt Taylor put his lips against hers, then pull away after a few seconds. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

“I still don’t think it’s that big a deal,” she stated.

“ neither,” Taylor agreed. He stood up and headed towards the bedroom door. “Come on. Let’s go get your stuff.”

Rayne stood up and followed Taylor out of the room, the kiss she had just shared with him completely forgotten.

Chapter 3: