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Taylor Hanson

Full Name - Jordan Taylor Hanson

Stage Name - Taylor

Nickname - Tay or Tayles ; his younger siblings used to call him Tay-Bear

Age - 15

Height - 5'7"

Weight - 115lbs

Hair - blonde

Eyes - blue

Birthday - March 14, 1983

His Position in the Band - keyboards, bongos, synthesizer, and vocals

Personality - quiet, shy but flirtateous, friendly

Zodiac Sign - Pisces

Shoe Size - 13 in mens

Special Feature - he has a long rat tail(braid) that hangs down his back

Hidden Talent - Tay is a talented cartoonist (he drew the muscle men on the inside cover of Middle of Nowhere)

Girlfriend Status - single and not looking (he doesn't want to upset his fans)

Other Interests - cartooning, computer stuff

Fave School Subject - literature and computers

Fave Color - red (because it makes everything beautiful and red candy tastes best)

Fave Food - Fish, macaroni and cheese, his mom's brownies

Fave T.V. Shows - Seinfeld, Frasier, Friends, and Anamaniacs

Fave Ice Cream Flavor - strawberry

Fave Music - Billy Joel, Spin Doctors, No Doubt, Areosmith, Counting Crows, and 60' music

Fave Drink - Sprite

Fave Animal - dolphin

Worst Habit - he taps his fingers on everything

-He has a scar on the left side of his face from running into a glass door (ouch!)

-Tay is right handed

-Tay also has a scar on the back of his calf from playing basketball

-He has a mole on the left side of his chin

-He sleeps in a white tank top and black and white boxers

-Tay has an aqua toothbrush

-He like creamy peanut butter

-When Tay smiles, there is a dimple in his right cheek

-He has a pet cat named Mama

-He loves to flirt

-Zac embarasses him a lot

-Ike is his best friend

-when he grows up he wants to be an actor or an architect

-When Tay was little, he ALWAYS had a baseball cap on,(he refused to take it off), and he would carry around a plastic sword

-Because of his voice changing, Tay thought he wasn't going to be able to sing for 2 years. His dad did something about it, and now Tay is taking voice lessons. (What a relief!)

-Tay blushes easily

-Tay and Zac sometimes share clothes

-his hair used to be 6" longer than it is now

-He has a lisp because of his retainer

-He thinks Tom Cruise is a good actor

-He has a crush on Baby Spice(Emma) from the Spice Girls and Jennifer Aniston

-Tay has a lap top, either a Toshiba or an Acer

-His favorite shirt is his maroon shirt (not Adidas)

-He loves hanging out with his friends

-He usually wears 3 necklaces - 2 crosses and 1 soccer ball

-He uses Herbal Essences shampoo

-He loves jelly beans

-Tay also loves to curl up with a good book

-He also loves to throw parties.

-He hates it when fans scream when they meet him

-He records lyrics he thinks of while traveling so he won't forget them

-Tay hates cottage cheese

-His fave football team is the Miami Dolphins

- He LOVES jelly beans (when asked what he'd buy with $20, he first asked if he could have more, then said lots and lots of jelly beans)

-He also like to cruise with Ike back home (in the car obviously)

-Tay is underweight for his age, even though he pigs out on junk food (if only we all had that problem)

-He like to stamp his foot while he plays

-Likes baggy pants

-His 2nd fave color is blue

-He wears CKBe

-He eats with his right hand

-He loves Cocoa Puffs

-Tay like William Shakespeare

-His idea of a perfect date would be rollerblading, then having dinner at Planet Hollywood

-He fell asleep during the recording of MON, and Ike taped him (LOL!)

-He is getting braces soon

-Tay's fave computer game is Treck 2000

-He doesn't like it when girls wear makeup


"Ike, who cares about your hair?" (my personal fave Hanson quote)

"I'm the quietest one. Obviously"

"No we just take our garage everywhere we go" (Airplane Noise)

Jess & Donna
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