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Zac Hanson

Full Name - Zachary Walker Hanson

Stage Name - Zac

Nickname - Animal (drummer from the Muppets), Prozac, Ritalin, and Phsyco Boy

Age - 12

Height - 5'4"

Weight - 96lbs

Hair - blonde

Eyes - brown

Birthday - October 22, 1985

Postition in Band - drums, moracas, and vocals

Personlaity - crazy, outgoing, lovable

Zodiac Sign - Libra

Shoe Size - 8 in mens

Special Feature - Zac is definetely the loudest member of the band

Hidden Talent - Zac can talk while belching (cute.)

Girlfriend Status - single and not looking

Other Interests - rollerblading, video games, and cartooning

Fave School Subject - Math

Fave Color - blue

Fave Food - jello

Fave T.V. Show - Anamaniacs

Fave Ice Cream Flavor - Chocolate

Fave Drink - Dr. Pepper

Born in - Arlington, VA (interesting!)

Worst Habit - Zac is WAY too physical (he's always jumping on and hanging off Ike and Tay)

-Zac bosses around a lot - he says no one messes with him

-He likes to hang out in the treehouse him and his brothers built in their backyard

-He wants to buy a puppy with his first paycheck

-Zac has a bright green toothbrush

-He wants platforms so he can be taller

-He wants to be a cartoonist when he grows up

-Zac is left handed

-One time, after a performance, Zac cried offstage because he was so nervous. I guess he though he had done badly (Zac could never do bad though!!)

-He collects bottle caps and little things from hotels

-He likes action movies

-Zac sleeps in boxers and a t-shirt

-He likes to wear Tay's clothes sometimes

-He got the band kicked off the bus in the video for MMMBop

-Zac is always chewing gum

-He is rumored to have a pet snake

-His mother braids his hair

-He might get braces

-Zac likes to play pool and hockey

-Zac likes Resee's Peanut Butter Cups

-He usually gets the remote at home

-He is getting braces soon

-Once, when they were being interviewed by a Swedish mag, he kept turning off the tape recorder

Quotes :

"I like to bang on things."

"I love you man!"

"I think it's probably that I'm so shy that I just act wacky to make up." (Zac shy? Nah.)

"Just think of us as old people with high voices"

Jess & Donna
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