This is a completely fictional story about Hanson. None of the following events have ever happened. It is just a story that I wrote so enjoy and let me know what you think! ***Okay guys. I screwed up. I kinda deleted the first chapter of my story. Oops! For those of you who are reading this story for the first time, in chapter 1, Donna, the main character, and her best friend Lindsay, leave high school for summer vacation. Donna, who has a crush on her neighbor Chris, and Lindsay get on the bus, and Chris comes on. Donna acts really shy, Lindsay doesn't. Lindsay gets mad at Donna after they get off the bus for not talking, (Donna and Lindsay live next door to each other), and Donna goes into her house to pack for the vacation her family is taking to Tulsa, OK. Chapter 2 picks up the rest. Oh one more thing : my story is done!! Yipee!! Please let me know what you think! Okay that's all, please don't be too mad at me for deleting the first chapter). **Okay guys. Not having the first chapter of my story is causing some problems. #1 - If I enter it in a story contest, or to be published, then I will have to type the whole thing over, which would be a major pain, and #2, it's just plain annoying. So, if anyone happens to have the first chapter of my story, PLEEEEEEEEZ email me! Thanks! -Donna**

"Some Changes Are Good"

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